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Feb 13, 2011
Apr 25, 2004
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Jun 18, 1990 (Age: 24)
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Pensacola Fl. area
RETIRED / house husband

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358 winchester

*TFF Admin Staff*, 24, from Pensacola Fl. area

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Feb 13, 2011
    1. goofy
      What is with HOSPACCX his posts are adds for crap?...GOOFY
    2. merit
      where did my post go ????
    3. RMD
      I have my grandfather's Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works reserve police officer revolver. I believe it is a .32 caliber. It is a 5-shot top open revolver. The serial number is: L43985 located under the left grip. That's all I know about it. What year was it manufactered, and can I use modern ammo?
    4. kj1
      I just joined 'casue a friend is asking ... what kind of 22 is this. So he has sent me two poor pics, asked for the gun itself, will be taking my own pics and would like to know which section you think I should post the pics and questions in.
      Please rsvp
    5. mrkirker
      I might have posted something in the 'wrong' section. It IS not P/C, but it might be better located in the 'general'! Just a 'head's-up'!
      (Harley Hearse) Thanks, Johnny
    6. 358 winchester
      358 winchester
      I knew it wasn't mine
    7. The Rebel
      The Rebel
      I goofed the other day... It was techoca's album with the 1911's ~ Dumb Ole Me !
    8. 358 winchester
      358 winchester
      Now I am confused I will have to look at my profile
    9. The Rebel
      The Rebel
      There were several 1911 typs pistols shown when I looked at your profile. I can upload when I post a message, but don't know about "Sharing" images from my profile ~
      Just call me "Ole" and "Confused" :)
    10. The Rebel
      The Rebel
      New (July 2009) to the "Forum" and my question is: How do I post "Images" on my TFF Album ??? Thanks ! :)
      "The Rebel"
    11. tablee
      The gun is a CJ Hamilton&Son, The Hamilton Rifle#27, 22 caliber, patent October 30th 1900-August 13, 1907 in Plymouth Michigan. It has a round barrel, it is lever action, single shot. It breaks down and it is very small with wooden stock and forearm. Thank You so very much for taking time to help me! Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!!! Tab.
    12. Tony22-250
      Its no problem Win i understand. Real life always comes first when it comes to online stuff. Im Looking froward to coming! I will see if i can get my buddy Ben to cook up some beaver or something to bring down there! He shot it with his 17HMR at 400 yards. Ever have beaver?
    13. kutaho
      Kind of thought so, I've talked about eating live maggots, and had people tell me they would starve first, my response is "you'v never been hungry".
      as kids if we shot something, we had to eat it, of course we didn't need prompting,
      it was lean times in the old days, but wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
      Keep those receipts coming
    14. tablee
      I am desperately trying to get help with the value of a gun, can you help?
    15. Tony22-250
      I have a silly question but what is the Cuthbert Gathering???
    16. kutaho
      Very impressed with you're wild game receipts, raised that way? or a hobbie.
      Family tradition for me.
    17. ssrt3
      hello can you remove a message for me in the what it is worth fourm
    18. Firecom911
      Hey there, 358!
      I live in Fort Walton Beach and just wanted to say hello!

      Steve (Firecom911)
    19. deanos74
      im new to this forum i just wanted to stop by to say hello from georgia
    20. 358 winchester
      358 winchester
      I am trying to get to work for you honest I am
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    Jun 18, 1990 (Age: 24)
    Home page:
    Pensacola Fl. area
    RETIRED / house husband
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