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    1. jashcraft
      Hello 45 Auto,
      I'm interested in using a couple of you photo's in a TV show work on. Email me at jeremy.ashcraft@ymail.com and we can discuss all the details. Thank you
    2. joedepilot
      $ 200 firm. maybe trade? 828 361 4626 joe
    3. 45Auto
      Hello Old Wheelgun,

      I don't know what can be done to fix your revolver w/o taking it appart to investigate what's wrong with it. Until such time as you find a gunsmith, or develope the level of skill needed to fix it yourself, you might as well consider it a future project and put it away for now.

      Best regards,
    4. Old Wheelgun
      Old Wheelgun
      Hello 45 Auto. I sent you a message a few weeks back on the H&R revolver that I am having a problem with. I havent been on the forum in a while and I didn't see the pictures you posted nor did I work on the gun yet. My hand spring has a flat wire. I don't think the end broke off the spring since i cant see or hear any broken pieces inside. However, if the trigger is down...not fully cocked back, I can sort of see a small hole in the side of the trigger which I am assuming is the notch in the trigger which the spring goes into. If the gun is pointed up or down, you can see the spring moving in and out of that notch so I don't think it's out of place but im not sure. What else could be a problem? I don't think that the wire had broke at the end but not sure. The pictures you posted are great. It gave me a good idea of what I'm looking at without having to take the gun apart which I don't want to do. Help is greatly appreciated
      Again, Thanks a million. Bill
    5. 45Auto
      Hi Old Wheelgun,

      The hand spring is only attached to the hand. It otherwise moves up and down as the trigger is pulled and released.

      The sear spring has a shallow hole in the trigger guard in which it sits. You can see if when the trigger guard is removed.

      Best regards,
    6. Old Wheelgun
      Old Wheelgun
      Hello 45 auto. I haven't checked my mail in a while and I had sent you a message about an H&R revolver. The hand was the problem. The other day I took out the hammer and inspected everything. The spring is still attached to the hand. It looks to be a flat wire spring but im not sure. When you e-mailed me back you mentioned something about a notch in the trigger where that spring goes. I can actually see that notch. It looks like a cut mark or groove. When the trigger is all the way forward and reset, I see a small part of it. I can also see the end of that spring in there and it moves around. Is that notch in the trigger too big do you think? Im assuming that shouldn't be that way. Was the end of that spring held in that notch by something or does it just fit into the notch? I don't think the end broke off the spring because I dont see any broken pieces in the action or in that groove. Any other thoughts? Also, how how up does the small sear spring have to go? Mine is a small coil spring (very small) It goes up behind the sear. Thank you for for help. Bill.
    7. Old Wheelgun
      Old Wheelgun
      Hello 45Auto. I have a question for you since I saw that you had helped someone else on their H&R revolver and you seem to know about these older guns. Anyway, I have an old Harrington and Richardson large frame top break revolver in 32 S&W. It's marked auto ejecting 32 S&W CTGEs on the left side of the barrel so it is a smokeless era gun. Yesterday I took it out of my safe to wipe it down and I noticed that there is something wrong with the action. It has been sitting in there for a while about 5 months and it was cleaned and then oiled with 3 in 1 last time I had it out. When I cocked the hammer a few times to check it over I noticed that there was lots of slop in the cylinder meaning that is turns counter clockwise a lot but it doesn't turn to the next chamber when it does this. Then I removed the cylinder to check it and with the cylinder removed, I cocked the hammer all the way back and the hand comes out. But, if you point the gun straight up the hand falls back into the frame. Then, if I lower the hammer the hand comes back out and then there is tension on it which it is supposed to. The hand is supposed to have tension on it when the gun is cocked and shouldn't fall back into the frame. If you press on the hand when the hammer is all the way forward and the trigger is all the way back in the firing position there is spring or tension on the hand and it is out of the frame. I took the gun apart carefully. I only removed the hammer, grips, and mainspring to look down in the action to check the parts and everything is there and the curved spring is connected the hand. What could be the problem??? I have never shot the gun because of how good the condition is and I have never dry fired it... just cleaned it every few months and put it back in the safe. The lower part of the spring goes down to the trigger from what it looks like. Is that supposed to be connected to the trigger? The spring on the hand is a flat spring and has a slight curve to it so I don't think it's broke but it still has tension on it on it when the hammer is down and the trigger is fully back in the firing position. I don't see any broken pieces down in the action. It is a family heirloom so I would like to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You very much for your time. Bill
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