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Aug 8, 2011
Mar 3, 2008
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Dec 17, 1957 (Age: 56)
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New Iberia, Louisiana
retired cabinetmaker

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New Member, 56, from New Iberia, Louisiana

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Aug 8, 2011
    1. Marlin T
      Marlin T
      Love ya buddy.
      May you Rest in Peace.
    2. Charlie the sniper
      Charlie the sniper
      Art, my prayers are with you, Rest In Peace.
    3. Trouble 45-70
      Trouble 45-70
      In light of the blackout, thought I would share my e-mail to compare notes if this happens again. don't know if it will do much good. Don't check e-mail very often.
    4. Big ugly
      Big ugly
      I am beginnig to feel we never sleep
    5. Big ugly
      Big ugly
      Guess I aint the only one awake
    6. JERRYB
    7. Trouble 45-70
      Trouble 45-70
      Still waiting on the Wall Mart nutria. Not being pushy, just curious.
    8. Trouble 45-70
      Trouble 45-70
      Try Reading War and Peace. I don't think I ever made more than 2 pages before I was sound asleep.
    9. 1shot1k
      Just got in..hope your doin better...Steve-45nut called earlier to report on his way home from " a tea party " on Camp Bowie street in Ft Worth...said was over 300 there he was told..local news (21) was there but I missed it if they reported....were looking forward to texas shoot next weeekend..hope all is ok and weather..80 yesterday..may be 30 tonight ?.... I gather you like the old War Birds ?....the firm I worked so long for in Security was founded by SAC guys..and my VP was a 30 yr tailgunner - last on 52"s...
      hey did you know that ability of 52 to "turn it landing gear" you know to line up on approach after a yaw or what..was clssified or not made public till someone notice over two years after they flew...?
      See ya boss...please take care...god bless.....
    10. 1shot1k
      how r u doin...?
    11. 1shot1k
      oh man ..I was kidding......I love simpsons...was talking about staying on my diet at midnight.......:) :)
    12. 1shot1k
      10-4 Boss. Ive weaned a lot. Just got easy feelin tonight and only one oxcotin and the 2 nueroton 600's but just got funny bone and started typin..I know monitors probably think I snek too many funnys and pics in GENERAL...but thats where I like to stay on top of topics...and gotta have some fun some time and make others maybe smile......damn I can turn offs pc and sit and look but rather be chattin and hangin andda bangin...sure wish u my six for me if I get outta de permissin to you to do so...
      carry on boss....
    13. artabr
      That was pretty good. :D I mean what kind of guy are you if you can't something behind for your buds.
      But ya gotta admit, that is a pretty ballsy light to take that kind of hit. :D

      Hey, good post on the plane crash. It really sucks when that happens. It really is amazing that it doesn't happen more often with the amount of air traffic there is.

      Good to hear the meds are doing their thing. I wish I could say the same. I might have to double up tonight. It don't happen too much but I hate when it does. I don't won't to build up my tolerance to them. I all ready feel like pills are half me fricken diet. And life goes on. ;) :p :D

    14. 1shot1k
      went crazy silly laughin on my "flashlight'post reply...pills workin tonighte!
    15. 1shot1k

      Anyway, heres a joke I got other day and thought funny enough to pass on. I checked Pump house fore posting, and found much worse type jokes there, some posted old by "admin" type....anyway joke was pulled and I got in trouble.....

      Telling you in advance so I dont offend you , but I dont see it as that bad ...anyway boss

      Big game hunter enters bar..brags to all.if blindfolded he can feel a fur
      and tell what animal...if hole is there and felt..can even tell ammo used...

      all this of course if crowd buys drinks on success.....

      so..1st presented ...says"fox...308 " right !..applause..drinks....

      next....wold.." is wolf..270 "..right!.drinks...and of course this continues
      all night..till he staggers out blinded drunk and barely crawls home...

      next mornin..wakes up...rubs both badly bruised eyes......
      OH man....who did this ..what happened to me ?????

      Wife quickly says....I did !...last night you sleepily put you r hand in my drawers and hollered and woke up and shouted :

      " skunk.....killed with an axe.........."
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    Dec 17, 1957 (Age: 56)
    Home page:
    New Iberia, Louisiana
    retired cabinetmaker
    I'm a short, fat, bald-headed long haired cajun who likes life & guns.

    Guns of course,reloading (9 calibers. If I shoot it I reload it, except rim fire), military history, building military models - aircraft & armor & having fun joking around.



    God and the soldier we like adore,
    In times of trouble, not before.
    When troubles ended and all things righted,
    God is forgotten and the soldier is slighted.

    Francis Quarles
    1592 - 1644

    When asked for my race, I answer CauCajun.

    Hope is not a plan, and not all change is good. The resistance is here; the resistance is now. RESIST!

    These hands are neither cold nor are they dead!!