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    1. Charles Morton
      Charles Morton
      Hey got an antique gun question, do you know anyone on this sight that might be able to answer it?
    2. dmdeluka
      Blackeagle, Sounds good & interesting. Where are U located. Or is this an online study? Can always pray, you're an encouragment just for doing this!
    3. BlackEagle
      Thanks for checking in, Jim;
      Things are a little busy here; have been making a token appearance here and checking in on and responding to the Daily Devotional thread.

      You said you were going to be leading a Bible Study. How's it going? I've been praying that God would use you.
    4. 76Highboy
      How you doing Black Eagle? I haven't seen you around. I hope all is well.
    5. American Leader
      American Leader
      Sorry for the late reply BlkEagle, been away. Brisk is hanging in there, but continuing to struggle and go downhill. He doesn't think he will make it to his birthday (march 31), but he did make it to Christmas Mass. He's been very brave through this and I am proud of him! May God Bless you and yours, Best, A.L.
    6. 76Highboy
      WITNESSING AT WORK, AND AT THE GUN CLUB, AND DRIVING SAFELY. Done my friend. I will pray every night and every day as I am going through my day. God bless.
    7. 76Highboy
      Thank you BlackEagle and Merry Chtistmas to you too.

      I am starting it off with a series by Kenny Luck. It is dsigned as an 8 week series however I am a different character. I don't follow time lines. Instead we will have much neded prayer and then as we go through the series instead of just going through it I will really get into the minds of the guys and so we should see much needed growth. I am going to tackle issues like pornagraphy (even the little so called girlie calendars), spousal abuse (even verbal abuse), time alone with God throughout the week. In this ministry we will be having the men bring their wives once a month because part of being a man after God's own heart is lifting our wive's up so it should be fantastic. Please keep this ministry in continued prayer.

      What can I pray for for you on a daily basis?

    8. ryan42
      U do the same.Merry Christmas
    9. CampingJosh
      May God bless you and yours this Christmas, Bill.
    10. American Leader
      American Leader
      Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless you and yours from Iowa!
    11. American Leader
      American Leader
      Bill, I am sooo sorry for not getting back to you sooner. My computer had the "FBI" virus and just got repaired today. Trying to catch up now. It's probably too late, but I can tell you the Judge Wiggins is the one who disregarded the Iowa vote to dissallow same sex marriage. We are trying to get rid of him! Hope all is well for you and yours. Brisk did good with his chemo and now MAY live up to 2 years. YEA! Best regards, Bob
    12. 76Highboy
      Thanks for the update. I would call him but I don't have a lot of minutes.
    13. 76Highboy
    14. 76Highboy
      No, I have not heard from him. Let me know what you find out.
    15. ampaterry
      I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you - Sundays can get real hectic, and being Mothers Day added to the activity here.

      I read the PDF, and I like it. I see nothing controversial there, and don't anticipate any problem with your posting it.

      It impinges on so many things, it could go into several different forums -
      But I would put it in General, I believe -

      Very good!
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