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    1. chuck101
      how much would a wooden one be for the gun and how much can these ones be sold for and where ? they both say fxo on them the black one says fxo 37 but has a hairline crack on the bottom the other one says the same stuff but is in perfect shape
    2. soccerd747

      I do not know if you still participate on the forum, but I was reading some older posts on PPK's and I was wondering if you could help me. I have a Waffenfabrik Walther Zella - Mehlis (Thur) PPK 7.65, Serial number 198989 K. It is in near original shape from what I can tell. It is Crown over N. I have posted pictures on this web site if you would like to see it.

      I was wondering if you could tell me the year of manufacture and its approximate value
    3. stevebin
      Good evening. I see you are online and would appreciate your viewing my recent post on Walters. Thank you sir!
    4. John S Bryant
      John S Bryant
      also serial number might be # 217333K ??
    5. papawed
      Hey Danny,
      Can you take a look at my post on a Kimber UltraRCPII, and give me a guess as to value.
    6. thestratts
      I just joined this Forum. Never did this so all new to me. I just posted information about a PPK I found in my dads closet. Will yu see the post or should I ask you directly about the pistol. It seems you have much knowledge about these guns?
    7. drrishi1
      hello, i have a highly polished blue ppk with brown motled plastic grip,serial number 844584 which I was told is an early civilian model I bought it in 1980 and have enjoyed shooting it occaisonally at the range. Also have a later police ec model serial number 356637k on the slide and 356638k near the trigger. it was my Dad's. He was a special agent for tehIRS and Ithink he either confiscated it or someone gifted it to him. Do you think the serial numbers were correct or did they put the wrong slide on the previous numberd frame? thanks Rob..have enjoyed your posts
    8. Seymour Orgel
      Seymour Orgel
      Danny, I was advised that you are the chief GURU on the Walther PP series handgun. I just inherited a Manurchin made cal 7.65 in almost mint condition Serial no.34006.The pistol is blue except for the eject area which is natural steel. I also observe an oval mark on the grip area which holds 2 sabers crossed imprinted over a sticklike bird figure. The manufacture data indicates it's a Rihn gun. What kind of value does it bring and where is the best place to get the ammo for it>
    9. jalbertob
      Hi Danny, i'm new on this forum and in the world of firearms too, you seems to be a professional in walther history and i need to give value to my gun, i've owned for ten years a Walther PPK 7,65 that i originally bought it to a collector, it's in excellent conditions, i have the original box, the paper sillouette with the accuracy proof made before leaves the walther fabric, owner catalogue and two magazines, one of this with the finger rest. It have engraved the Eagle over an N symbol and the i.e. with some kind of leaf engraved too, It also displays an "Ulm/Do" in the barrel, the serial number is 328064, You can see the pictures below. I really appreciate any information you could give me and, if it's i your possibilities, an aproximate value for this gun.



      Thank you very much, and i apologize for my poor english...

    10. neptune
      Hi Danny,

      Well, from a quick look through the forum, you seem to be the man in the know about Walther values sooooooooo....

      A Walther PPK has come into my possession. My father was born and raised in Germany, my mother my brothers and I were born in Switzerland and moved to the US in the 60's. My father passed away and his firearms were given to me, one of which is a Walther PPK. I have been doing research on this pistol for two days and I have found out a great deal with the exception of it's true value. I posted some info on another site with pictures and had a lot of "ooohs and ahhhs" but no idea of value; I did however start receiving private messages with offers ranging from 1600 to 1800 dollars, even though I made no mention that I was selling it. I would really like to know an HONEST idea of it's TRUE value.

      Here is what I know with some pictures (excuse the picture quality my digital sucks):

      Serial number 308585 K
      Pre-WWII pistol made in 1941
      It has three eagle proof stamps; Eagle over cross with sub-letter "C" (true police edition, 2nd variation), Two Eagle proof stamps over N on right side (1 on slide, 1 on barrel visable in ejection port).

      condition: Excellent condition, finish is 98-99%. Bakelite grips are perfect, no cracks, warping, etc. I took the pistol apart for a cleaning and the internal components were immaculate, no rust, deteriation of any kind. Placed a bore light in the end of the barrel and it was so clean and bright that it was almost blinding. Here are some pictures:


      I realize that value of something is what someone else is willing to pay for it but I am truly looking for an HONEST assesment of its value both on the low side and very high side.

      Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.

    11. fuzz4950
      dear danny,
      i also have a Walther PPK that my dad got during WWII in Germany. It looks like the ones in all the pics has the Brown Plastic looking handle. It has a crown over a N in two places. the serial number starts with 183583and ends with a K. I have the old holster with it although it is well worn. The gun is in good shape but does have some freckling on the metal parts. I was looking at the holster this morning and noticed a piece of paper bunched up in the end of the holster. I pulled in out and it is an old envelope addressed from a german to another german, It is very fragile and the stamped date end of the thing is missing. There is some handwritten things on it but I dont know what any of it says..i can only tell it is an old envelope. I would be glad to send u pics of all these things but i think I should mail u the pic of the envelope..because I couldnt get it to come out very well..let me know what u think.
      Thanaks so much.
    12. Teejay9
      Hey, Danny. I've gotten a lot out of your posts. I enjoy talking to a fellow who's put some time in learning about his interests. I've owned some guns within you range of expertise. A really nice Luger S/42 1937 dated. I doubt the barrel was original though, because it didn't have any stamps on it. Everything else matched s/n 1890a. Also, I hade a PPK/s that was marked Walther Under License, Ulm/Do, but on the heel of the mag mouth it was marked in small letters "Made in France." Know anything about these? I got it in the early 80s. TJ
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