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Jul 23, 2014
    1. American Leader
      American Leader
      Happy Birthday Andy, sorry I'm late! I hope you have many, many more. May GOD bless you!
    2. fleetwood1976
      same to you, had a belly full of ham and no deer while hunting though.
    3. American Leader
      American Leader
      Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless you and yours!
    4. fleetwood1976
      Thanks, I am going to wait until I have gun in hand to call, but I will give it a shot. It is just hard for me to accept what some of these guns are worth nowdays. Of course our guns arent worth more, our money is worth less.

      That Standard catalog of smith and wesson has saved and made me me a lot of money. I would recommend it to any serious smith collector. like I said, the pawn shop couldn't even ID the gun.
    5. Alpo
      I called, one time, a few years ago. SCSW gave me a two-year window, and I was hoping they could tell me which year. I told that to the nice lady that answered the phone, and she says, "Hold, please". I figgered she'd get back to me in a minute or so and tell my what I wanted to know. Then I hear a click and this guy says, "Roy Jinks."


      He told me the answer (not what I wanted to hear). Gave me month and year.

      So, hell, call 'em. If it did leave as nickel, and nickel is worth more, I'd go ahead and spend the fifty bucks and get the letter for PROOF that it is factory nickel.

      Just my two cents - worth what you paid for it. :)
    6. American Leader
      American Leader
      Thanks Andy for your prayers and thoughtfulness! They have reduced the amount of chemo Brisk is able to take now which means his time is growing closer. Dad died of cancer on June 11th and that drew our family closer and also gave everyone a chance to console Bill (Brisk) as well. Please tell your wife Nancy and I will put her sister in our prayers as well. Seems like the older we get the more praying we all have to do for each other! I don't expect Brisk will be back on, for some reason he's confiding mostly in me. Take care Andy and God Bless! Bob (A.L.)
    7. fleetwood1976
      actually, Fleetwood was my CB handle because I drive old cadillacs with factory cb radios in them. I would be a couple of hours from brownstown so I would not be able to help you out on your muzzle loader. I do like H&R Revolvers though. take a pic of it and post a question in the whats it worth forum and they might be able to help you out, or you could email me a pic at apbennington@nwcable.net and i could check my books on it for you. good luck, andy
    8. WindyEthel
      Hi Andy, im Carla Harris and im from Brownstown, i know alot of Fleetwoods that i grew up with and thought i might know your family, i was on here because i have a H&R Muzzleloader i was looking for info on, was hoping you were local to me and might be able to look at it and help me out.. thanks for the add
    9. American Leader
      American Leader
      Thanks Andy, we enjoyed our entire family. All five of our children and their families live here in Iowa now near us and that makes life really special. Got myself a RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo for Christmas and already have used it, really nice. You and the Mrs. take care, Bob.
    10. fleetwood1976
      back at you, Been a great christmas here, the kids are still playing with there kindle fires and mamma loved her golden tiger edition PPK, she almost gave papa a heart attack showing her gratitude. Hope all is well on your end. andy
    11. American Leader
      American Leader
      Merry Christmas to You & Yours! May God Bless You All! A.L.
    12. American Leader
      American Leader
      FW, did you ever get the 3 gun deal below?
    13. American Leader
      American Leader
      FW, make sure to tell the ms's HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You just keep puttin them guns away don't ya. I've been doin ok, but just don't want to tell all on TFF, I'm sure we are all being watched. Good to hear from you again sounds like all is well. I've been kinda busy and just been more of a hit or miss on here, but will make sure to check the chat room more often.
    14. American Leader
      American Leader
      Hey FW, how have you been? We haven't spoken in awhile. Hope all is fine. I did notice in a post you been buying guns again, so obviously you are still addicted. Take care kitty lover!
    15. ropermay
      Hey fleetwood you there
    16. fleetwood1976
      elizabethtown is halfway between louisville and munfordville. I came down interstate 65 and would have been pretty close to cecilia going 75 miles an hour. I am about 1 and a half hours north of Owensboro, KY
    17. johnlives4christ
      i am in hardin county. just outside of elizabethtown in a little wide spot called cecilia. i have heard of munsfordville but dont know where its at
    18. fleetwood1976
      It just says Deputy sherrif on top and Florida on the bottom of the state seal and the seal is in the star.
    19. james56
      was wondering what county badgeit is I'm in Indain River County
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