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    1. MrTrolleyguy
      Are you old enough to remember when Dick Clark did an afternoon radio program at the Tower? My cousin use to be able to get into the studio during the shows. Afterwards Dick and his wife would drive Marry Ellen home leaving her off on Girard Avenue two blocks away so my Grandfather, a stern cop, would not see her getting out of the flashy convertible.
    2. tireman
      hello sir I have been drawn the lucky winner of your offer to checker a firearm stock if youll send me your address we can get started I have a Winchester model 70 in 243 it is in a piece of myrtlewood purchased in the early sixtys as a blank and custom hand made by my best friend and 87 yr old step father. I think ill tell my story on this in the general discussion as its a doosey!!! u have no idea what this gracious gift has done I can safely say that u have given me the best Christmas gift ive ever gotten thank you again steven mobbs brookland arkansas
    3. carver
    4. carver
    5. jjmitchell60
      On face book there isw a group natio wide called Broken Guns where you can ask if anyone has or knows of any parts you need. I just sold a Reminton 550-1 on it to a man for parts. Look up a Nathan Trader on face book and you have to request to join the group. IF you cannot find it PM me and I will see if I can get a link of some kind.
      Hope this helps.
    6. Rem24
      Hi. Thanks for all your tips on checkering. I read that book forever. I can only go 1/2 hour a day at most before I spasm out. I freehanded all the patterns, and freehanded my start lines. I checkered so much of that cause it was a practice stock. The checkering should serve as a grip, as well as decoration. It also highlights great wood. I had cancer and the chemo made my body attack itself when I move. Whatever muscle I move, It spasms, Charlie horses, and locks up. I go and feel it getting bad, so I rush. Bad habit. Any muscle that moves gets destroyed by my immune system. I had to stay in a nursing home for 3 months to learn to use a wheelchair. Thanks for your service in NAM. You got balls of steel, and I appreciate everything you guys sacrificed. Joe Also, keep the info coming on checkering. I have all the dembart tools, and after my start line, I use the skip line cutters.
    7. 76Highboy
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    Feb 16, 1956 (Age: 58)
    I love deer hunting, Love to work on old guns

    hunting, fishing,And walking in the woods