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    1. mooch
      please help. show me or explain to me why after following all direction's I still can't get the slide off of my .25 cal Titan F.I.E.
    2. rhmc24
      Mr Dear Mr. H,

      Watching your participation in the blunderbus pistol thread, I thought you might find a report from someone who has "been there & done that" in old guns over half a century. I am R.H. McCrory, you can google me for more info that you will want.

      I question a belief that making a fake is a source of easy money. First. I define 'fake' as having intent to deceive and 'reproduction' as replica made with innocent intent.

      There are dozens of kinds and sources of honest reproductions on the market which are the source of re-worked and modified pieces made into fakes of originals. Even hybrids - I almost accepted a Colt Dragoon, with a recent repro barrel on it that looked 100% original. Fortunately I saw the rifling did not have gain twist. The dealer offering it disputed my rejection and was himself probably deceived.

      The making of a fake from scratch is a different colored horse. Fake Walkers and Patersons were being made in Mexico in the 1930s, when and where poverty and cost of labor made a couple hundred dollars a worthy goal. In those days a new Colt SAA was $37.50 retail. In 1943 i saw a Colt Paterson go begging in San Francisco (Far West Hobby Shop) for $1200.

      Faking extreme rarities has been akin to a sport of kings for ages, mostly centuries-old paintings, that sometimes had quite a career before being exposed. Things like that only succeed to the extent that they are suspected and are put to the most extreme examination.

      Today, I (and a few others) could make a reproduction of a great rarity, such as an early 1600s English military pistol, that would pass the most critical visual hands-on exam by experts. But revealing scientific exams such as carbon 14, spectro analysis of materials and other methods I can't name would be brought to bear with suspicion aroused. Experienced restorers, having handled and worked on many authentic early pieces, reproduce the efforts of the early makers as a part of the restoration process - and could make that piece from scratch. All that said, it would hardly be an economic or cost-effective effort due to the time involved. I have billed over $5000 for several of my restoration jobs, involving only parts of a gun.

      This discussion could continue almost without end. For example, considering 'supply and demand', one would have to fake a piece in fair demand to assure a sale. Such a piece might be a pistol of American Rev period but it would take as much work to be neo-authentic as to make a piece of 1640 of which only half dozen are known to exist. The American Rev fake might sell for $5K and the 1640 30K if there were a buyer. As a benchmark comparison, for a client I made from scratch a complete lock for a 1560 period wheellock pistol, which I billed at $7000. That piece is now on sale in Europe, known to have my repro lock, for some $30K. There are only a few pre 1600 wheellock pistols known to exist, so one even with the lock replaced command some respect. One pure and original would be priceless.

      Right now there are kits available to make your own, see website therifleshoppe.com for making most known kinds of early guns. He publishes a catalog an inch thick.

      In summation, I very much doubt that making fakes from scratch is an economic proposition. I'm sure that converting repros into fakes is alive and well in the marketplace. Still in the back of my mind lingers the thought that if the fake is good enough that it is never suspected, nobody is ever the wiser. Comes to mind stories of paintings that hung in museums for decades before being suspected and exposed.

      Please feel free to discuss this and use it for whatever honorable purpose. If you wish to discuss it with me please use my email rhmc24@yahoo.com. Best RHM
    3. evets5321
      I guess you don't want to see the 513T with the lyman sights. If you do, send me a private email with a regular email address and I will send you several shots of it. I just haven't figured out how to up load photos on TFF
    4. evets5321
      Forgot to give you my regular email address. steve@shipleysphotography.com
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