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Jun 26, 2012
    1. Hedge
      Sorry about the name. Must have confused a thread reference.

      Yeah, I'm not seeing movement, either. Searched a lot of vids to find something useful and that's the best I could come up with.

      HS cameras are waaay too expensive. Be nice to have one, though.

      Bracing the gun over the top strap might do it.
    2. The_Rifleman
      I don't know when or why it started, but my name isn't Ron.

    3. The_Rifleman
      It looks to not be moving until the bullet has left the barrel.

      I really need a good high speed camera, I think there could be harmonic issues with the wire experiment... I could try with the wire further back, on the frame of the pistol; maybe a different apparatus altogether.
    4. Hedge
      Looks like you do a lot of load development. I've been concentrating on my .204R and my .45/70. Time to work on the 30-30.

      Thanks for the info. Not sure I want to add another powder to my stash. I'll check the burn rate and see if I have something in the neighborhood and work with that.

      Nice, clean ladder you shot. I'm thinking you're a pretty damn good marksman. :)

      Tried the ladder test but found the OCW method works better for me.
    5. The_Rifleman
      I've never found a bullet yet that didn't shoot sub-moa in any of my rifles.

      I would dare to say that if I had a scope on my pistol, it too would shoot sub-moa with whatever I put in it. Presently, if I try my best, it shoots 1.5moa.

      But my fgavorite load in my 30-30 is using the Hornady 160gr FTX, with Vihtavouri N 135, CCI 200 primer and Winchester case.

      I mainly like the bullet because it has the best ballistic coefficient of all the bullets safe to load in tube magazines.

      But the "secret" is the Audette Ladder Test.
      That's how I knew faster bullets hit higher.

      But the powder is more important than the bullets, most people don't realize that.

      I would think all jacketed brand name bullets shoot well enough for sub-moa accuracy. I've shot some pretty damaged bullets, they've all hit the mark.
      The only time I had a bullet fail to shoot sub-moa is because they were rotating too fast to hold together. The Hornady 110gr FMJ in the 30-06; the bullets were made for the 30 M1 carbine.
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