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Feb 18, 2011
Apr 15, 2009
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Nov 3, 1956 (Age: 57)
Peoples Republic of the Pacific Northwest
what ever needs done,

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New Member, 57, from Peoples Republic of the Pacific Northwest

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Feb 18, 2011
    1. Insulation Tim
      Insulation Tim
      Sorry Thomas,

      I just found your message from 15 months ago. Aren't I the bright one..

      Here is what my son sent me regarding ticks.

      Hey Dad

      Here is an article from OSU that actually shows some of the tools they tested for tick removal (the 1st and 3rd worked best).


      I think the Pro-Tick Remedy tool is the one you used to be able to find at WalMart. You can still get it online at http://www.scs-mall.com/prodinfo.asp?number=ptrc2m … I would think they would have them at Bass or Cabelas

      You know, just so you can be ready for your next tick attack

      It was great having you guys in town, hope the drive home wasn’t too much of a ball buster


      Ashley P.G. Dowling, PhD

      Assistant Professor

      Department of Entomology

      319 Agriculture Building

      University of Arkansas

      Fayetteville, AR 72701

      Phone: 479-575-2482

      Fax: 479-575-2452

      Email: adowling@uark.edu
    2. Kieran McCaig
      Kieran McCaig
      Happy b day there buddy,Have a good one
    3. johnlives4christ
      i havent picked one up yet, i've looked at a few though. been in the process of moving the last week or so, so i havent had much time for gun hunting.
    4. 4EvrLearning
      lol....that has a nice ring to it, but my name wasn't/isn't Malone. :)
    5. johnlives4christ
      now im considering buying a flint or percussion shotgun to use the shot. on some squirrels no less.
    6. toenail
      sorry, nope
    7. johnlives4christ
      got the shot a few days ago. thank you. now i just have to get a shell press and i'll use it up.
    8. Orygun
      ;) As it should be.:D
    9. toenail
      hello there
    10. Bobitis
      Yeah, it's a beauty.
      Thing is, I can't make bread for the life of me.
      I got the starter going the free way, got it to where it was smelling really sour, (feed, store, feed, store....) etc.
      It smells heavenly, rises well, and bakes like a brick.
      I've tried all sorts of recipes and they all fail.

      The crock now reserves a spot in the cupboard.
    11. Orygun
      Thanks for the welcome, Kutaho. When I moved here in the early 70's from Colorado it was clearly explained to me that O-ree-gone was just south of the Orygun border.;) Never have had a reason to think any different.:D
    12. almost a marine
    13. USMC-03
      I was never actually offered or even really in the running, could have been if I'd been smarter. I'm really hoping my son shows interest in the military, I'll deffinately try to nudge him in the direction of the Annapolis.
    14. Tom Militano
      Tom Militano
      Sounds like a well traveled .45 and it's great that it's still in your family, where it belongs.
      Tom Militano
    15. Bobitis
      Just curious.
      What does your forum name mean.
      I'm guessing something NW Native American?
    16. swanshot
      Sorry i missed this Kutaho. Just plain inattention. What can i say:o:o:o
    17. Charlie the sniper
      Charlie the sniper
    18. Charlie the sniper
      Charlie the sniper
      Many thanks for the Cherokee link. I will try to get some more information about my Great Grandmother. I remember playing cowboys and Indians when I was very young, and I would sometimes wear Cherokee jewellery/beads, I don't know what ever happened to them.
    19. Trouble 45-70
      Trouble 45-70
      Beautiful Smith in your toys album.
    20. 358 winchester
      358 winchester
      I just grew up trying to stay alive and eating what was on the table, we lived off what we could grow the fish we could catch and the game that we could find. I once went 42 days eating what ever could be found even ate the bloody rice from a dead man's pocket so I don't complain about what ever is there to eat I just eat it. most people think hungry is missing lunch, they haven't a clue. Folks like you & me know better and we understand how good a wild life stew can be.
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    Nov 3, 1956 (Age: 57)
    Peoples Republic of the Pacific Northwest
    what ever needs done,
    Nam era Navy, semi retired, proud grandfather and father

    Hunting, foraging, teaching, anthropology, cooking


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    No man stands in the same river twice

    If all else fails
    grab a rock

    Mi Taku oyasin