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Jan 3, 2014
      picked up m-44 last year wow love that rifle hura!!!!
    2. Shellback
      did that work
    3. Laufer
      Concerning cheap Mosin Nagant ammo, and possibly an outdoor place to shoot anything besides a boring piece of paper, within about 1 hour of Fairhope, AL (Baldwin County).
    4. Laufer
      Hello from the Memphis (Lakeland) area.
      My Mosin ammo comes from Sportsmansguide: about $55 for 300 rounds.

      Can you buy it a bit cheaper where you live? I'm probably going to drive down to visit my folks in Fairhope soon, and wondered whether your area is near the Interstate between Birm. and Montgomery.
      It seems to be about the same time as straight south on I-55.

      My goal is to shoot the lowest-priced, which motivates me to buy the lowest Wolf for the used Mini 14, 30 and SKS.

      This is really unlikely, but do you by chance know anybody who can recommend a safe place to plink in that area-but is NOT at a range? Maybe near Fairhope, or even between the Bay and Pensacola? Just a hidden, remote piece of swamp where you can throw some oranges or a cantalope, and blast them? I'm a really middle-aged late-bloomer and my Dad has never seen the SKS, Minis or MN 44 (sold AO M-1 Carbine which he used). He would like the SKS etc and be really impressed by the short Mosin boomer.
      Thanks for any tips or calls.

      David: (901) 317-4476,
      or (901) 299-0988. New guy at "Thefirearmsforum": "Laufer".
      Read about five others, so might forget to check this for any e-mails.
      My wife finds guns more boring than the "Militarychannel".
      Back from brushing her teeth: "OK-give me the remote":(.
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    Marlin 795 Semi-Auto (Brother's)

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