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    1. blacksea7
      Hi, this is blacksea7. I've a note you left me a message however it's not posted... i'm the one with the old army
    2. TranterUK
      I did thank you. There is one letter different from the site you listed. Mountsplus. I think they may be just the ticket and am getting some more detail, also if they send international. I did a search to see if the units are available here, but nothing came up, yet. Thanks again.
    3. RichardMillington
      Hi Oscar,

      I've recently been hired by Safariland to answer questions about our products on various forums and online communities. I noticed you were answering some questions yourself and are something of an expert.

      Thanks for that.
    4. 300 H&H
      300 H&H
      I disagree...no one here is anything like that, I like what I have seen of Petahw, he is not only knows alot, but is civil as any. You should have made this a pm, by the way....If I knew how I would delete this. Anyone can see this.
    5. TranterUK
      Thank you for your kind comment re the artwork. I often say I must be one of few artists who know my stovepipes from my press checks! Private work is not all its cracked up to be, most of the time anyway. Your daughters did you a favour, for a start your there to enjoy them. I have a Son and Daughter, she is in the US right now. I love every minute with them, well almost every minute.
    6. TranterUK
      Regular Joe? Sharp? Thanks, you would be surprised. The reason I ask is that I am always on the look out to go back into the trade. Maybe in the US. My background? Too much for here but started services went private, worked all over world, wrote articles for gun press, inc. USA some years ago. currently work as writer artist. www.mgreenart.co.uk if curious. Keep safe, shoot straight.
    7. TranterUK
      Hi, do you work in a gun store? If so where and do you own or are you an employee? I dont mean to seem nosey, but I am ex trade myself.
    8. Thiokol
      Sorry, it's gone.
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