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    1. cocker
      Hi Just bought an H&R 28 and found this site in trying to reseach the gun. Did you ever come up with a value on yours? Carl
    2. Diascund Duckhunter
      Diascund Duckhunter
      H&R 28 ga rabbit eared double serial number


      Hope you are still a member.I just signed up .
      I sent this to b.goforth:

      H&R 28 Gauge SXS Hammer Shotgun


      I have one of these in very fine shape and am thinking about selling it!
      Why? Because when hunting woodducks years ago with reloads the locking mechanism bent and would not lock after the spent shells had been dumped and new ones put in .
      I consulted a gunsmith in Blacksburg,VA. and he fixed the lockplate by bending it back . I asked him what could be done and he said he could case harden the piece ,which may or may not solve the problem ,or he could make a new piece out of harder steel which would devalue the gun. He also said that He would put it above the mantle piece! So 30 years later, I am thinking about selling it. Any feedback would be appreciated , like how much to ask for it , where or who might wish to purchase it , and where to get it appraised .

      Stuart E. Tompkins III
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