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    1. cycloneman
      Sam I posted a thread about needing some tee shirts made. some of the post refered me to you. Do you make them for sale?

      my computer is freezing up.
    2. mjp28
      Thanks Sam, if you get back I plan on doing some cleaning of old posts. I am an Administrator on one board and Moderator on another which also has this cigar thread on it. The subject line should be something like "mjp's *CIGARS* one of life's little pleasures, feel free to add your comments". It's got pretty good interest on all 3 boards including this one. mjp
    3. mjp28
      Hi Sam, just curious I had a cigar thread here for those who enjoy cigars and related items, can not seem to find it recently. Any idea where it went? Thanks, Michael, "mjp"
    4. Iron Eagle
      Iron Eagle
      I'd say that the site looks great. It is different, but it is nice.
    5. 76Highboy
      Holy smokes Shooter, you were not kidding. Big change but hey, it has some neat features. It also has a great forum owner!!! Thanks for a great forum Sam. Highboy
    6. 76Highboy
    7. carver
      Sam, I need some more TFF patches. Do I buy them from you? And if so, how much do I need to send you for a dozen?
    8. carver
    9. joe45c
      Shooter, I'd like to offer a pound of AA 4064 powder for our next give a way. My question is about shipping it to the winner. Is it something I can do without worrying about hazment charges? Thanks jody

      My name is Ray Kim with a start-up company called Three Point Innovations, LLC.

      I am writing you to ask for permission to post about our new speed loader for AR15 mags, called the Box-to-Mag loader, on the General Discussion or Self Defense Tactics & Weapons section of your forum for feedback. I would also like to send a sample of our loader to someone who writes reviews on your forum, but in the meantime would like to gauge how well our product is received by the shooting community.

      A video demonstration and details about Box-to-Mag can be found at the links below:

      I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and please tell me if you have any questions.

      Best Regards,

      Ray Kim
      Three Point Innovations, LLC.
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