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Jul 25, 2002
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Jan 3, 2009
    1. MillerLT
      Sir..I recently sent you an email concerning my Mossberg 42m..I thought at the time you may have thought that something wasn't quite right and just "out of the blue" I decided to contact you..I am new to the board and have no posts or have had no contact with any other member...and I also saw on the "FOR SALE" board...a reminder to be cautious of new members with little board time...I couldn't agree more..I just wanted you to know I am sincere and that the information in my last message was true. I will not try to contact you again on this issue...If I haven't heard from you in the next day or so I will seek another buyer elsewhere..Thank You for taking the time to read this..Brian
    2. joeg
      Taurus Model 72 Scope
      Hello I have a Taurus Model 72 that I would like to scope. I see you posted about being able to mount a scout scope. It seems where my rear sight is there is a riviot and not a screw. Can you help explain to me how you were able to mount the scope. Please get a hold of me at I look forward to talking with you.
    3. ldp5264
      Where can I find a spring for my model 3t 22 cal rifle? I would also like to know about the break down diagram, you can email me at thanks alot.
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