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    1. devildogandboy
      socal, i have the dillon 550b and it is a great press, especially for loading great quantities. for smaller quantities like 100-200 rounds of rifle ammo you would be better off with an single stage press like the RCBS or LEE.
      i had the RCBS and loaned to friend and never got it back. i bought the LEE classic press when they were on special and like it as much as the RCBS rockchucker i had. these single stage presses are really good for the beginner and if you are going to load rifle rounds, i would recommend one anyway.
      i can't post a reply to your ad for some reason because i don't have privileges yet, but if you send me an email and your address, i have an older set of RCBS dies i will send you at no cost. i have an set of 357mag dies that will do the same rounds as the 38spl so i really don't need these 38 dies .
      my email is in my profile. hope i can help.
      Bruce aka(devildogandboy)
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