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    1. SSMN
      hello Joschi,
      I apologize for not responding sooner. I am out of town for medical treatments.
      Yes, have many more photos. I am not certain about Gallneukirchen but I recall more of Linz. I will search my files and post more of both when I have time.
    2. Joschibald
      Hello Steve,
      Thank you for the Fotos.
      This is my hometown on the pictures! (Gallneukirchen)
      The field looks today still like at the pictures!

      Have you more Pics from this Village or from Austria (Linz)?

      Thank you for sharing!


      nice greetings from Austria
    3. RJay
      :)Steve, what is the total cost ( with Shipping ) and where do I send the Money order:)
    4. SSMN
      Hi Denny,
      I do not have an RZM that I am willing to part with right now, but I can tell you where to go to have your pick of dozens, many of them as nice as mine. There is a show coming up in Louisville in February called the SOS (Show of Shows) and it will have a huge number of guns on tables not seen but once a year. I do not remember the exact number but I believe that there will be more than a thousand tables. All military. I am sure you will find many many RZMs there that will meet your requirements. It is at the fairgrounds in Louisville. Collectors and dealers come from all over the country.
      Google Show of Shows and it will pop up with the information.
    5. denny 714
      denny 714
      I have read some of your post regarding walther ppk rzm pistols and have enjoyed the knowledge I recieved. I have also looked at the photo's you have posted, many ppk rzm's. I am trying to get a walther ppk rzm, and the condition of the pics you have posted is the quality I am looking. If you would be interested, and would have one that you would let go to me, I would be glad to trade for some very beautiful pistols and revolvers! Please let me know!


      Denny G.
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