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    1. neller
      I was reading your reply on an H&R 22 special you did some work on. I too have replaced the lever spring on the hand of my H&R 22 Special. I fabricated the spring out of a small piece of spring steel. Now the pistol again rotates the cylinder, but it comes within 1/32" of locking into battery when you slowly pull the trigger. It always locks in when you quickly pull the trigger. I believe that if I stretch the hand a tiny amount this will get the pistol to lock into battery either way. I am wondering on just how you stretched the hand?

      Also, this pistol has been a wall hanger for about 20 years (was my grandfather’s pistol), so I forgot that it was DA only. Not a problem, but the 10+ lb trigger pull is horrendous. I am thinking about slowly shaving the mainspring until I get it down a little bit, realizing that this will also lessen the hit of the hammer, I would guess this is a tricky adjustment. What do you think?

      Thank you,

    2. texas_buff
      Are you still in business? Still waiting for my repair and getting a little worried.
    3. Lanrezac
      Thank you for your reply to my H&R post (which seems to have vanished). I will take you up on it if I cannot find someone local who has the skills to do the work. I was hoping for somebody local because a) shipping is expensive, and this is a circa $200 gun, and b) I am not used to shipping guns myself, and would rather not end up in federal prison for failure to touch third base in the process. Thanks again, Lanrezac
    4. StoneChimney
      Around fifty dollars. We are running about two weeks on repairs right now.
    5. ignats
      What would you guess-timate it would cost to repair this little gem? I like the gun and have a similar one which is a later issue. This particular was made fairly early, is blued (which I think is original finish) has a broad arrow proof which I think is Canadian. Over all it's a nice old gun that hasn't been beat to death or altered to .38 Special like many were. Thanks for your response, I appreciate that. Art Hicks, Pelzer, SC
    6. 3/2 STA SS
      3/2 STA SS
      I have a SAKO .222 with a curly maple stock and a full no taper target barrel. It was my grandfathers and I have had it for 20+ years. It has SAKO medium height rings and Unertl blocks as well. Let me know. Tim.
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