0.135 freebore?

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  1. 68c15

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    Nov 22, 2011
    winchester 94 .30-30 150gr sierra FN
    I tried the thing where you take a marker to the bullet and stick it in a spent case then close it all in the action. my book calls for 2.550 COL and my test came up with 2.685
    I know the SAAMI specs are not truly relevant to re loaders but I find this difference to be a lot. if I seat them to the beginning of the cannelure I get 2.550
    what should I go for? the 2.550 and keep on keeping on? FWIW I use 31.5gr IMR3031
  2. 68c15

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    Nov 22, 2011
    I forgot to mention the depth of bullet in case is 0.261 which is less than what I am told is ideally 0.308
    if I go in to the .308 I am .105 away from the center of cannelure

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    With a 3 moa levergun just stick with a generic OAL and crimp in the cannelure. If you were loading for a sub MOA bolt gun Id advise much differently.
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    Jan 9, 2012
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    Sounds like over all length will not be a problem. If your shooting this ammo in a lever action rifle you need to do as follows. The 30-30 needs to have a crimp in the center of the canalure on the bullet. This is so the bullet doesn't slide back into the case because of magazine spring pressure and recoil. Trim your cases to 2.028-2.030" and seat your bullets to the center of the canalure. Then apply a strong enough crimp to keep the bullets from moving because of the aforementioned reasons. To much crimp you'll damage the cases, too little the bullets will move and cause problems. Cases being too long will buckle at the crimp when applied also. The 30-30 is an old case design that has very thin brass and is subject to premature failure if loaded to pressures higher that recommended. The load mentioned is 1.5 grains more than I use of the same powder, if my memory serves me correctly this is .5-1.0 grains over the recommended max for this powder. I've been loading this cartridge for about 30 years now and have learned a few things about this cartridge and what it take to produce trouble free ammo.

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