12 Gauge Mini-Shells

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  1. Terry G

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    Feb 19, 2004
    I have five boxes of 12 gauge Mini-Shells manufactured by Sport Arms of Minnesota. These are NOT loaded ammunition, but rather a metal, fluted, device about 1 inch long that fits perfectly into the chamber of a 12 Gauge shotgun. The base is able to receive either a .22 LR shell or a 12 Gauge primer. The open end is about .44 caliber. They are very professionally packed 10 to a box. What was their purpose? I have not gotten a specific answer on six forums other than "a sub-caliber device" or "some kind of training unit". That's pretty obvious, but I would like to know specifically what they were for. Any help would be appreciated.******** I'm going to sweeten this pot a bit, whoever can give me the real use for these things, and an approximate value, get's one, free. No s/h, free!!

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  2. armedandsafe

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    I've seen similar construction in 30-06 and .308 for blanks.


  3. Well, I dont think they are subcaliber adapters (they wouldn't be packed in multiples). Besides, the .22LR is rimfire and it looks like the hole is centered. Almost certainly for a shotshell primer.

    I have not seen these before and I came up with zilch on the Internet. I have not looked through my print library yet. I am leaning toward some type of hand-reloadable mini-shell, no shot payload, primer-powered only....
  4. gpostal

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    Feb 20, 2003
    look for ,sport flite bloomsfield mi 48308 {zinc bases and gas checks}

    i am pretty sure they are reloadable blanks for launching dog birds
  5. kar298

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    Mar 22, 2004
    johnstown, pa
    i have seen things that look alot like that, they are used to shoot a .44 caliber bullet out of a 12 ga shot gun just have to hand load each shell and shoot.

  6. wuzzagrunt

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    Apr 20, 2003
    How'z that work? A .44 cal. projectile wouldn't even touch the walls of a 12 ga. barrel--except, perhaps, to rattle down the bore only to exit in a totally unpredictable trajectory. I ain't saying you're wrong ('cause I really don't know the answer) just that it seems unlikely.

    My guess is: some type of signal device. I'm betting that the chamber is fluted to prevent firing real shotshells through the flaregun. That round will fit in a 12 ga. chamber but a 12 ga. shotshell wouldn't fit in a chamber fluted to accept the rounds you have.
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  7. Xracer

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    I'm betting on GP here.....reloadable blanks for dog training.

    Put in a shotgun primer, a few grains of Bullseye, and a cardboard wad, and you should have a nice loud blank.
  8. gpostal

    gpostal Former Guest

    Feb 20, 2003
    i have seen them that comes with a cardboard disc for blocking the end ,kinda like a cork/cardboard
  9. I see you wrote Minnesota.. can only talk about european counterparts.

    I know in Germany, there are various kinds of adapters available, but they're usually slightly longer than these and with a rifled kind of barrel.
    They are reloadable allright, but usually only comes in packages of one.
    They use those adaptors to kill off wounded animals or practise even - but it doesn't look like one of those - as it has the fluting.
    The material seems to be aluminum and might not hold up to the pressures of a CF-cartridge - they're usually steel and no fluting as well as longer than that one.

    They also use various kinds of adapters for Salute-shots.
    When you just need to go "Boom" (without the dangerous aftereffects) to celebrate something or scare birds away.
    Now they use specialized shells or rebuilt weapons to do the Salute-shooting - so if they're old, that might have been the purpose.
    10 shot salute in a pack with no worries about handloading it.

    If you say it fits with a .22 or Primer - I can't think of any use that would come even close to this and certainly no ammo that would fit it and still be centerfire.

    But still, can only talk about european counterparts.
  10. Terry G

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    Feb 19, 2004
    They could well be for reloadable blanks, but why would you need ten? The company, as far as I can find out, no longer exists I guess it remains a mystery.

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  11. 45Smashemflat

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    Oct 6, 2003
    I wonder if they are for some form of primer-driven load. Like maybe there was a rubber ball of some sort pushed into the front and then fired under primer power. For LTL pest control or something?

    Example - I've got a 45ACP system that has solid brass "45ACP" rounds which chamber in a 1911 with no issues. The bullets take a large rifle primer in the base and a .177 calibre pellet pressed into the front of the "bullet." The kit also has a sub-calibre barrel which is held in place with rubber rings just shove it into the 45 barrel. Chamber a round, the bullet presses against the sub-calibre barrel, upon firing the primer generates enough pressure to fire the pellet down the smaller tube. Manually work the action and go again. Works pretty fair - not great, but decent draw and shoot practice. This is made by Convert-a-pell for those interested.
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