17hmr max range

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  1. Gunhammer

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    May 28, 2009
    rapid city, sd
    lol i agree with your last paragraph standout
  2. Tony22-250

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    Jan 9, 2009
    Snellville, GA
    I have personally seen a Crow taken at 500 yards by my friend Brandon with my Savage 93R and my buddy Ben killed a beaver at 400 with a 17HMR it is an amazing round.

  3. Red84

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    Feb 14, 2009
    Far be it from me to say it it has not been done, or cannot be done, but at that range it is well under about 30 ft/lbs and has already dropped almost 4 feet. That is quite a shot in both instances...
  4. Gunhammer

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    May 28, 2009
    rapid city, sd
    17 hmr and my girls

    i recently acquired a brand new 17hmr from my cousin since he never shot it and was going to sell it, so i said what the heck. i took it out and sighted it in at 100 yrds, i thought wow cool little gun, not to mention its a gorgeous pepper grain wood stock, stainless barrel, scope matches barrel of course, very nice system. i decided to go out and shoot it again and my 5 daughters ages 19,16,13,12,10 and my wife, (which i wont mention her age since i dont want to get into trouble for telling people thats she's 35, so i wont disclose her age ; )) decided they wanted to go with, i was like wow, ok lets go.

    once we were at the range i shot the four round clip and out of a few hundred rounds and cleaning it after every 20 rounds i believe i only shot the newly acquired system once. now every weekend the girls are wanting to go shoot the 17, THEY LOVE IT! i dont ever get to shoot it, but i get to make sure of gun safety, and now they know how to reload it, clean it and inspect it. its kinda weird cuz the girls never really had any desire for this type of pure clean fun, now they are bringing their friends. now they are always asking to go every weekend to go out and shoot, its a plus, dad gets to spend quality time with the family.

    one day at the range we sat up targets about 175 yards, i wanted to see what this thing could do, so of course the girls wanted to try, and of course the girls out shot dad, go girls. as we were shooting the older girls and mom were giggling and were shooting all around the target on the ground on the back stop of the dirt hillside, i was like why in the heck did they go from lil snipers to blind snipers from hitting bulls eyes to not even hitting the target, i grabbed my binoculars and looked and to see what was down there, they were shooting at lil ground mice, i was like how in the heck can you see them lil pests. but i guess, start em small and who knows i maybe taking them deer hunting next.

    this 17 hmr did one thing for me, it opened another door with me and my girls, we are a very close family, but now even more closer. they were never really into shooting because they have heard and seen my other guns recoil like the 300 weatherby mag and they thought heck no, but this opened a whole new door, now they are asking about larger calibers that dont have big recoil. so im in a win win situation.
  5. Tony22-250

    Tony22-250 New Member

    Jan 9, 2009
    Snellville, GA
    your telling me but i wouldnt belive it if some one told it to me either!! i guess you have to see it for your self to understand!Me and brandon were walkin around his land plinking random crap when he spotted the crow with his Ruger 10/22 on opposing fence 500 yards away he said i bet i can get that crow with your 17 so i handed it to him and he put it on the fence and started shooting 8 shots later the crow hit the ground we walked over and sure enough DEAD BIRDIE!!! As for my Buddy Ben he is a former Marine DI and a damn good shot and i have confidence in what he tells also i saw pictures of the beaver i will see if he will let me borrow them so i can upload them! His first shot fell short and hit the water and the beaver didnt move and the second shot hit him in his spine and he than later took the beaver home and had him for dinner!


    Jan 28, 2009
    You are probably maxed out around 300 yards, it doesn`t have enough mass to carry it`s energy. Consider a 55 grain 5.56x45 leaves at around 3100fps and at 500 yards it is supposed to deliver 252ft pounds of muzzle energy.

    The 17 grain .17HMR flies about 2650fps from a 20 inch barrel. Muzzle energy beyond 300 yards is in double digits and likely not penetrate cardboard beyond 350.

    Remember a flys wings will move this bullet, light bullets move around in any wind.
  7. retired grunt

    retired grunt New Member

    Mar 30, 2009
    Northern NY
    Got the sweet 17 and it is surprisingly accurate
  8. I have a .17 HMR and know 3 other shooters who shoot them. In all
    cases, they will only shoot accurately with the Hornady ammo. May
    not be worth much but would be an awful good place to start.

  9. bikeryoda

    bikeryoda New Member

    Jan 17, 2009
    I just got through siting my Marlin .17hmr in at 150 yards. I found that if you increased the range any further than that the wind would throw the bullet off drastically. I was shooting out in a rice field with high stubble and the wind was blowing, but I was still getting groups of about 3 inches shooting a 17 grain Hornady VMAX. Overall, this is one of my favorite guns, rather have it over a 22 mag any day.
  10. Rshetley

    Rshetley New Member

    Jul 25, 2009
    I just purchased a 17 HMR. I did so because the round has great power at 100-150 yards. I know a good scope, bi-pod, etc can get it out there further, but I wasn't looking for that. It's a great little rim-fire. Iuse use the 375 Weatherby for that.:D

    But all said, Great Varmitnator.
  11. jpc

    jpc New Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    Used my 17 HMR for the first time yesterday at an MOD range in a controlled environment at 200 yds. Damn good, worth every penny. Can't wait to take it down the farm!!!
  12. steelshoot

    steelshoot New Member

    Mar 22, 2011
    The C.C.I. .17HMR FMJ 20 grain punches holes in soft A-36 .031" steel at 433 yards. As soon as I re-mount my 32 power 50mm A/O BSA Contender on a D.P.I. angled base I will continue to move the target away until the cartridge fails to penetrate the steel.
    At 300 yards the .17HMR FMJ 20 grain projectile delivers 2,048 foot pounds energy per square inch of frontal area.
    The .17HMR V-Max 17 grain projectile delivers 2,048 foot pounds energy per square inch of frontal area at 262 yards.
    The Federal 36 grain .22 Long Rifle delivers 2,048.28 foot pounds per square inch of frontal area at 100 yards.
    The .17 Hornady Mach II 17 grain projectile delivers 2,048 foot pounds per square inch of frontal area at 212 yards.
    Wind drift:
    The .17Hornady Mach II 17 grain V-Max will drift 2" in a 5 mph wind at 92.5 yards
    The .17 HMR 17 grain V-Max will drift 2" in a 5 mph wind at 110 yards.
    The .22 remington 36 grain Long Rifle Hollow point will drift 2" at 85 yards.
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  13. steelshoot

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    Mar 22, 2011
    I'm thinking that by this time you may have actually shot a .17HMR and have learned the difference between raw foot pounds and foot pounds per square inch of frontal area. These pages compares various cartridges http://www.lambadafan.com/FPPSIOPFA.html
    The .17HMR 20 grain FMJ will penetrate .031" A-36 Steel at 1400' + http://www.lambadafan.com/17hmr20grainfmjsteel.html
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  14. scottbird

    scottbird New Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    Troy PA
    I know there are doubters out there on the actual power of the 17hmr. this is a gun that will suprise you at every turn. I own a marlin 917v 17hmr, I have a bsa sweet17 4-12x40 scope on it. I have shot cyotes at 100 150 yards. I saw one a little farther one morning that had been chaseing the calvs, I put my range finder to it, 310 yards. it was facing me. I had my doubts, but diald my scope to 300 yards. I used the truck window as a rest and puled the triger. it fell, a clean shot in the chest. I use the CCI 20 grain hollow point.

    that shot may very well of been dumb luck, and there was no wind, so I like to believe it was the gun.
  15. steelshoot

    steelshoot New Member

    Mar 22, 2011
    You probably used the CCI 0052 Gamepoint referred to as a jacketed soft point. http://www.cci-ammunition.com/products/smallgame.aspx
    CCI doesn't show the extended range ballistics but it is within 3 foot lbs of the 20 grain FMJ at 100 yds.
    At 300 yards the .17HMR FMJ delivers 46 foot lbs. / 1,979.7 Foot pounds Per Square Inch Of frontal Area
    The Federal FMJ 40 grain .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire delivers 1,674 Foot pounds per Square Inch Of frontal Area at 300 Yards.
    The Federal JHP 50 grain .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire delivers 2,283 Foot Pounds Per Square Inch Of Frontal Area at 300 Yards.
    Foot Pounds is a measure of the "Thump" delivered.
    Foot Pounds per Square inch Of frontal Area Is a reliable indication of the Depth of Penetration of similarly constructed projectiles.

    Ballistic charts furnish limited knowledge. No animals have steel skins and none of them are made of ballistic gel, boards, coconuts, watermelons, wet phone books, or rolls of wet toilet paper either. That's why I prefer shooting A-36 soft steel, it's a standard test material available worldwide and more reliable than memory.
    A .17HMR 20 grain FMJ will penetrate .032" A-36 steel at 400 Yards. I have no idea what it would do to a prairie dog or jack rabbit but I bet there are members who do know.
    Statements concerning wind drift about this cartridge are vastly overblown, consult the charts. The .17s are the most under rated cartridges in existence. When velocity is doubled the foot lbs. delivered are quadrupled.
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