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1853 Enfield Glad to be here!

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. cointoss2

    cointoss2 Guest

    Posts: 2
    (6/27/01 8:59:40 am)
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    Thanks for the welcome! I am new to this era, mostly WWII Carbines and Mausers. I got this rifle from my GGG Grandfather....through the demise of the previous GFs, and I am trying to figure it out. It a Crown then ahead of the hammer it has tower 1862. on the opp. side it has a proof mark 25 proofmark 25 proofmark. Aft the trigger guard on the bottom it has a cartouche of some sort 1/4" wide and bout 1 1/4" long. Its there but I just cant make it out. I dont know what it could be, and that makes it rough, but it is evident, just unintelligable to me. The bayonet has just a few marks and has the scabbard with it. They lived in PA so it must have been union as there is no CSA anywhere on it. As I mentioned it has a springfield rod, and I want an original enfield. Any help on being able to furthure ID this 3 band and leeds on an original ram rod would be appreciated. Also if someone knows of an expert in the Cleveland OH area that might help would be great! Have a good day all! Chris

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 934
    (6/27/01 11:16:12 am)
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    The 3 band Enfields were purchased, imported and used by both sides early in the war, and the same .58 cal paper cartridges were used in both the Springfield and the Enfields, even though the Enfield is nominally .577. I'm not surprised it has the Springfield ramrod, as they were interchangeable, and once an original Enfield rod was broken, they wouldn't get replacements, especially when so many Springfields were "laying around."

    I don't think the Springfield Rod would detract from any value, if it is in fact from the same period.

    It STILL may have been a CSA, maybe a battlefield pick-up, tough to ascertain, but then again, I don't know what happened to the Union ones after most troops were reequipped with Springfields when enough became available later, like '63. Maybe given to State troops and militias? Sold or given to the public? The CSA used it until the end of the war, although as the blockade tightened, less and less came in and more and more rebels were armed with captured Springfields, as well as domestic production. Some Enfield copies were made in the south during the war also.

    You could probably find out more about the rifle by researching your family tree and trying to find out where exactly you GGF lived, what unit he fought with, etc. You may find it was a "Battlefield Pickup," there were tens of thousands of all types of guns just laying around after Gettysburg alone, that "disappeared." Maybe it's one of those.

    I don't think you'll find many original Enfield rods easily...

    Good luck! And for God sakes do NOT sell the rifle!!!!

    It is a true collector's piece for sure, you could get a hefty price if it's verified, BUT it has YOUR family history wrapped up in it too, which is priceless, but worth only to you.

    If you sold it, it loses THAT value forever....

    Posts: 475
    (6/27/01 3:38:34 pm)
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    TD.....Polish is absolutely right. Do as much research on your GGF as possible. If you can establish that he served in the Civil War and used this rifle, wouldn't that be great?

    If you'd like lots of neat info on the '53 Enfield, scroll to the bottom of the page and type "1853 Enfield Rifle" in "Google".

    Good luck.......

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 947
    (6/28/01 1:48:37 pm)
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    Just for your info, the US purchased like 450,000 Enfields from 1861-1865, and about 670,000 Springfields in the same period.

    This from the Dixie reference section, and it tells me just maybe Union forces MAY have carried them the entire war, and not turned them in for Springfields, like I said earlier.

    How many Springfield/Enfield barrels do you think it took to make the fence around US Grant's House in St.Louis after the war?

    Posts: 485
    (6/28/01 3:42:41 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: 1853 Enfield Glad to be here!
    I thought he was from Galena, Illinois?

    There's a story that he said he ran for the presidency so he could get the street in front of his house paved.

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 959
    (6/28/01 9:21:33 pm)
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    I'm talking about Grant's Farm, Augie Busch's place now, that you can tour for free AND get some free Bud for doing it! Least you could when we went about 5 years ago.

    The house I think is the one he built AFTER he left the presidency to retire in, he was the last President to build his own house, Jimmy Carter and Habitat, notwithstanding.

    You take a tour and see it, and one of the things that impressed me was the wrought iron fence made from rifle barrels, and the Gatling in front of the house on display...
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