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    .44 In fact all of mine are .44 even the 1851's yes i know they are not historically correct. i was at the range about a year ago. This old guy comes up to the range with an 1858 Navy. All he has is a can of Goex, some round balls and the caps. any how i start to talk with him. I asked him how he was going to load it. Then he goes and runs back to his car and comes back with a powder measure. i started to think this should be interesting. He then tells me how his takes 15 grains of powder as im loading i think my WALKER at the time loading it up with GOEX 55 grains. He is spilling powder all over the place then i give him a funnel to use. Any how he loads up his 15 grains and then presses in his round balls then goes up to the firing line. After we cap them off he begins to aim and shoot. Wearing ear plugs the only way i knew he was shooting was seeing the smoke. So any how i start to shoot he immediately stopped in his tracks until i was done. He then fired off the remaining rounds. We then went to the back to reload. He started to ask me a bunch of questions about accuracy and loading i got him up to around 20 grains which seemed to be a good load for that Navy. Later on i started to tell him what all he would need to shoot ie a flask and some more tools and accessories. He was telling me how his books told him to shoot between 10-15 grains. i took a look at his gun. You would be a darn fool to shoot 10 grains i told him. At that load when you pressed the ball it would probably not even meet the powder. This would make the ball an obstruction rather than a projectile. any how little long winded. However i still prefer the .44 seeing him shoot that Navy was like watching someone shooting a .22 short revolver.
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