1870's Swiss .41 'sporter' any value???

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    A relative presented me this jewel? having found it at a farm auction. She thinks it is the 'cats meow'! From pics etc. I found on web, it seems to have been a M1871 carbine (hex. rec.) .41RF. Obviously not original,stock has repaired crack (nice but noticable), 'altered' Lyman sights, Might be cold reblue?? Came with partial box ammo mkd. Leon Beaux-Milano, some didn't fire, couldn't hit proverbial barn! Bore slugged upper .430's, bullets meas. .419, whats that? Reloaded handful with 50 gr. BP and .430 300gr. cast bullets and actually got what I'd consider brush country hunting accuracy. Yeah, you can reload RimFire, it ain't that hard! I know it's been (ugh!) sporterized but is it worth anything simply as a 140 yr. old functional firearm at least??? Whats left of it matches, its not rusted, bore has dark patches near rear but 75% brite and shiny.

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    Looks like you have a modified Swiss Veterli rifle chambered in the .41 Swiss rimfire.

    Pretty neat old gun and congrat's on seeing how it shoots. Wasn't aware of reloading rimfire cartridges. Original ammo ain't cheap.

    Hope this helps.

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