1911 collet bushing?

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by Squeak, Jul 24, 2011.

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    What year is your 1911 that you're running the collet bushing in? Unless it's one of the earlier models, odds are it's built strong enough that you shouldn't have a problem with it. I have only heard of them breaking from shooting too hot of loads through it. Even there, solid bushings can break too. I have a collet bushing that I acquired awhile back for a trade for a defective Wilson barrel/bushing and I haven't had any problems with mine, granted I rarely shot it. I kind of just use it as a spare part.

    Don't lose sleep over it. If you're afraid it might break, get yourself a Briley spherical bushing fitted up. I have my Springfield set up with a Kart NM barrel and a Briley spherical bushing and the accuracy is phenomenal.
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    Odds are that unless you have one of the early Series 70 models where the fingers are thinner, the collet won't break unless you're shooting hot loads all the time which will fatigue the metal.

    Both barrels don't have the same muzzle size. I would think they vary barrel to barrel. For example, one might measure .580" at the muzzle while one could measure .582" for example. The same goes for a standard barrel. The Series 70 barrels had a slight flare at the end to create tight lockup. The reason Colt quit making them is that it required for the slide and barrel to be machined parallel enough otherwise those fingers would bind up and break. Therefore it wasn't really any cheaper or easier to do than just fitting up a regular bushing.
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