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  1. Now be nice, Al, Llamas are very nice. I just saw a beautiful one the other day . . . at the petting zoo. ;) :D

  2. :) I think Al Mount hit the nail on the head.
    My Para P1640 has been a great pistol & better since I put in a Schuman barrel & Novak sight.
    Just breaking in a P1445, & the only complaint is the thumb safety is too skinny.
    I wanted a Springfield Hi-Cap, but not in Kaliforny! :mad:
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    A few years I used a Para-Ordnance P-16 built by Ken Hallock in IPSC Ltd. class. Briley ramped barrel, Bo-Mar adj rear sight, Videcki trigger,etc. It was a very accurate 1911. Someone offered me alot of cash for that pistol and I let them have it. I had planned to break out my Wilson Combat super grade to finish out the season. I never got the Wilson out of the vault. I used one of my Kimbers instead.
  4. Shooter's Arms Manufacturing (SAM) made in the Phillipines. Paid $300 and change for it new. Ran nearly 300 rounds through it without cleaning - no jams, no stoppages, no problems! It beat out a new P-14 that had 2 stovepipes in that same 300 rounds! ;)

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  5. I had a beautiful little Llama in .45 auto, I loved it......

    until I fired a few rounds thru it.........:)

    It was at that point I realized this firearm was better suited to be a "rain guage",

    (due to frequent stove pipes)..... :eek:

    than a weapon for self protection....
  6. here are my children, springfields, colts, kimbers, a llama, and a wilson and i love them all. from 9mm, 38 super, and 45.
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