Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by 76Highboy, May 28, 2012.

  1. Shooter45

    Shooter45 *Administrator* Staff Member Supporting Member

    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    +1 on the STI Spartan.

    It's the best bang for your buck in todays 1911 market.
  2. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Yep STI is a fine choice. I am having a real hard time not draining my bank account for a STI off duty. I stil aint decided fi i need it yet. I want it soo bad...

  3. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    STI=$$$, but they are nice.
  4. Double D

    Double D Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    The spartan isnt pricy at all. Its less than those you have listed.
  5. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    Wow, I just went to their website Dan and I like the Spartan V, and the Lawman along with many others. How would you rate their quality with the Kimber?

    JUNKKING Well-Known Member

    Highboy Kimber is just a name. I own a tiger and a sig I have fired an sti and a Kimber all Are great guns but I hear numbers customer service is terrible and I know they are over priced. You could probably almost buy two lower priced guns for what a Kimber costs. And like double d said they will fire all day with a Kimber. Its all in what you like. Because you aren't the guy at the range with a Kimber doesn't mean you can't shoot. I have seen alot of people with more money than brains especially when it comes to sports. Alot of the guys at my club will only buy g Loomis or st Croix fishing rods. I will out fish any of them with my agility rods that cost 1/3 the price.
  7. Double D

    Double D Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    I have only sold them and never owned or shot them, but, I trust what shooter says about his spartan I got for him about 2 yrs ago. He has put it thru it paces and it has yet to fail him and he hasnt even cleaned it yet as part of a test. I know Beth bought one too and a few others here own one. As for rating quality against a kimber, well, I have heard good and bad things about kimber. But, there again I dont own one so I cant honestly judge one.
  8. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    It is one that I am looking at. Thanks Dan.
  9. I know Ive said this before a BUNCH of times, but I wanna say it again, especially cause yer a Ford Truck Guy; one of the good guys! lol

    STAY AWAY FROM the Series 80 Colt USELESS INTERNAL SAFETY. I understand that there is a "conversion set of parts" that replaces this little bit of mechanical stupidity - and its the only way to go with a 1911 pattern auto that is originally manufactured with the Series 80 Colt type "extra safety."

    Keep on truckin FordBrother. ^5
  10. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    How you doing 1976? Thanks a bunch for the advice. I will take it.:thumbsup:
  11. jacksonco

    jacksonco New Member

    I cant speak for the Rugers, no experience with them, but the Remington is one fine shoooter. At least the Enhanced model that I have is. I cant speak for the base model. The Remingtons are also fair priced.
  12. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    Thanks jackson.
  13. bobski

    bobski Former Guest

    Jan 16, 2005
    va., conn., & mo.
    arent their enough old pre 70 1911's out ther to make a wiser choice overall?
  14. 25yretcoastie

    25yretcoastie Member

    Aug 27, 2011
    Fort Pierce Fl
    Was looking at our new spiffy gun store ( too nice to be called gun shop) yesterday and spent a lot of time looking at their wide selection of 1911's Almost every one was way over the $749.95 MSRP of the Ruger SR 1911's. As I have been wanting the Ruger but have been told that the Rem's some of the Sig's and Turas cost less and are better choices. The prices on all of those was at least $100.00 more and even the less expensive Phi inports or equal money than the Ruger prices. Am I missing something, has there been a major price increase across the board or what? I hope that Jim, Dan, and the others a lot smarter than I am will comment on this .

  15. Double D

    Double D Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    Sounds like your in a high dollar gun shop. I would shop around. When I was selling the STI spartans, I was getting 635.00 shipped. The remington R-1 should be around 599.00. The citadel should be right around the 500 dollar range. Rock islands can be had for 400.00
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