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    Went on line to tire Discounters and looked up 8 new tires for my dually. $893+ mounted, life time rotation, lifetime balancing, and with free alighnment to boot. Well called them and they quoted me $877+ so I figure that was even better. Took it over today, all went great including amignment, and went to pay the bill which was $817+, a full $60 less than what was written on my quote they showed me when I dropped the keys off. They gave me a $10 per tire discount for being a new customer and being all went smoothly. I was very pleasently suprised to say the least.

    So if you have never done business with Tire Disounters, so far IMHO they rate an A+ as to service and quality vs price. The tires I got are some good 10 ply tires with AT treat. They beat everyone else on the same tire by a good $25 per tire on the quote and after I paid it came to $35 per tire I saved PLUS got a free alignment. They have several stores around to boot and you can go to any one them and they honor the other stores work. They are putting a big hurt on WalMarts TLE!

    Now the lawn mower battery was not too bad, less than $30. Better than my tractor battery which is $139!!!
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