.22 as a home defense gun?

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  1. Seriously look for a Storm whistle. All Weather Storm Safety Whistle is probably twice as loud as any other whistle on the market. I'm using the whistle I had in the army but its been on a cord around my neck along with my Blast Match and Lensatic Compass for nearly 40 years. When I cross the fence and go into the woods the whistle goes with me. It's a good one but not up to the Storm Whistle quality.
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    Not so much the caliber as the ignition system is wrong.

    The rimfire is simply not dependable enough. I've even had misfires with CCI, though that is rare.

    Remember, back when they were using rimfire in large caliber blackpowder rifles, most had two or three firing pin strike points -- and even that wasn't an assurance of the thing firing.

    Sealed centerfire ammo is what I'll continue using.


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    here is how I look at it. If someone breaks into your home/Place of business and threatens your life your number one priority is to stop the threat. that being said in a close quarters environment such as an house or an apartment a shotgun with buck shot would be the most effective and lethal weapon in my opinion no questions asked. I have many weapons in my arsenal but if I were in the situation where deadly force was needed a shotgun would be what I would reach for.
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    well after following this thread for sooooo long..I decided to share my opinion...

    while I agree with the idea that a larger caliber is always better, and a shotgun is better still in any home defence situtation....in my experience the gun you can wake up in a panic and actually hit what you are aiming at is the one to have to hand first! Most people just waking up is needful to immediatly fire 5-12 rounds at a target as soon as they sit up or stand up will almost always MISS the target due to recoil, even from their favorite weapon, hence the shotguns ranking as #1 as it is very forgiving in shot placement. A .22 pistol or rifle has so little recoil that even though a Bulls eye is highly unlikely it will usually be on the target.

    now I have been camping and on several occasions, woke up and had to defend the camp from animals..in almost every case the critter ran away from my shots with rifles and pistols! I favor a 45 lc revolver. well Wife got tired of me missing all the time..she favors a .22 revolver or .410 shotgun. since we were camping she did not have a shotgun. well the last couple of time this happened she banged away along with me! she killed the offending critters. now she is a good shot but with the larger caliber i can usually outshoot her. I wasnt even close when we both just woke up!

    I guess we just dont excercise the proper shooting disipline whe we are still groggy and have just woke up! All i know is 5 min later i could hit what I shot at where 5 min befor I couldnt. End result is there is a .22 and a Tarus judge on our nightstands. (at least the Judge has the .410 shotshell in it as well as the 45lc too!)

    in self defence training we were taught a person (unless drunk or on drugs) would perferr NOT to be shot by any caliber of firearm, even a .22!

    so manstopper it is not..but if its what you can hit the target with in a groggy panicky situtation it is far better than any other weapon..except maybe a shotgun!
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    I bet the next other campers in the campground were excited too. We just threatened to shoot a critter (food stealing racoon) around 1 am (I GOT IT IN MY SIGHTS!!! I CAN K5 IT! SHOOT IT SHOOT IT! The wives yelled "PUT THOSE GUNS AWAY AND GET BACK IN THE TENT!) Anyway, the next morning all the sites around us were empty. We didnt even hear them pack up and leave. Although after drinking all that beer the night before and staying up late to protect the cooler did cause us to sleep until 11 am or so. That was the last time we stayed at the Cozy Family Camp Ground and Fun Park.

    And yes, any gun is better than a sharp stick. You can say, but what if I poke you in the eye? Well then I would shoot you more.
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    ROFL!! when we camp its usually in the deep...only other campers near would be part of our group. hate neighbors when camping! My best camp site is usually a mile or 3 from anyone else...who knows I may need to drain out all that coffe i drink in the middle of the night. and I hate waiting for use of the toilet. out where I camp the nearest bush is good enough for that!!
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    I like the .22's. Cheap to buy and cheap to shoot. I carry a Jennings .22 auto. However, I just don't feel that it will perform to expectations in a tight spot. I know I will get one shot off but, will it jam on the second? My .38 Special revolvers are very nice but, bulky to carry. I also have a .22 and .38 Special Derringer. But, only two shots leaves questions.
    Two guys broke into a senior citizens house to rob him. They beat him up and he in turn shot both of 'em in the body as they ran out the door after seeing his ".22 LR Derringer Pea-Shooter". They were later caught trying to get medical treatment. Our senior said," I would have shot them some more if I would have had more bullets!".
    I don't have a cc permit yet as I can't afford it, but I will start carrying the .22 LR Derringer until I can get a better weapon. I need to just make sure that there is an obvious intent to hurt me or my loved ones or, and that the BG's have a visible weapon in their hands. This is a grey spot in the gun laws for each state. Look at all the trouble Bernard Goetz had getting free of his self-defense charge? And he still did 8 months in jail and had to take out bankruptcy for carrying an unregistered weapon. I still think he got the royal screw!
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