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    topper, all good input.
    However, you might want to be careful in considering the CCI CBs "just like airguns"as referred by several responders. They are more like the top end airguns which are as lethal as .22 shorts.
    I was looking for a "yard Gun" for pests a while back and did some pretty extensive field research on the .22 CB. It is pretty accurate out to 25 yards (good Yard Gun range!) and somewhat accurate out to 40 yards (extreme limit of Yard Gun!), the problem is that it is still packing a nasty wallop all the way out to 80-100 yards (next door neighbors yard and house!) Drop is about 24" at 80 yards and 36" at 100 yards, so it would seem to be safe if you are firing at a critter on the ground (not birds!) But again a problem, little slug is real prone to ricochet and remember it is still carrying a lethal dose out to 100 yards. I use them a lot with a Bullet trap/target holder and shoot in my neighbors hay field ( lots of room), but I stopped using them in the back yard.

    BTW, yard gun, after many tests, ended up being an H&R .410 bore shotgun with #9 shot. Yes, I know that it can reach 100 yards too, but the #9 are no longer packing a damaging momentum at that range.

    I love the CBs (don't bother neighbors)and I still shoot them , but I treat them just like a .22 short when it comes to safety parameters.
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    WJH, you are absolutely right; consider the backstop!
    When mine was still a 'house in the country', we had issues with dogs, runnung in large packs, stirring up the properly restrained dogs, in the area; 00:30, to 01:00, all hell would break loose, with mine, traceable to a pack of 'strays', running in the creek bed, behind the house.
    Calls to the city, county, and state (Game Warden) were non-productive;I took the chore to hand; put a piece of half inch plywood on top of the kids' 'swing set', with a Big Khales scope, atop a Win M-52, and started 'taking scalps'!
    Monday night was a good one, as the 'dumpster guy' collected my dumpster, at work, Tues AM!
    Three weeks, and there was no problem!
    I've since replaced the 52-D, with a 40-X Sporter, and the Kahles , with an AN-PVS 4, and 'hunt the night' some less, as I have been annexed, and now 'live in town', but the problem continues to depart, when neccessary, every tuesday morning!
    CB caps, and the CB Long, are bulleted rounds, like any other, and deserve the same safety concerns.

    They just take care of business, so quietly, that I'll never be without!
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