22 shorts seem too short and 22 longs are way too long

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  1. Dawn0210

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    Hi everyone,
    Bare with me here as I am a new member, and have very limited knowledge of guns. My father passed away recently and all of his firearms now belong to me, so you might just see me quite a bit asking questions and trying to become somewhat educated. I refuse to be one of those ignorant gun owners that knows nothing about their collection, and sadly, right now that is EXACTLY what I am.

    That being said, I now am the owner of a 1956 .22 cal Beretta, made in Italy. One side of the barrel says "P. Beretta -cal.22 corto - Brev. 950". From what I've have learned by the internet "corto" means short, so I figured it was safe to assume the gun takes 22 short ammo in it's clip...right? So why does 22 short ammo seem too small for this gun? I also have a 22 long rifle, so I figured I'd see if the 22 long ammo would fit in the Beretta's clip. As I'm sure you guessed, it didn't fit either. I also went ahead and tried "stingers", as I was told that they might be a good in between size....no such luck.

    So what's the deal? What am I missing about this firearm? It seems that the only safe way to fire 22 shorts through this gun, would be to just put them in the barrel and forget about the clip! But that doesn't seem right either. Keep in mind that I have not shot this gun with the shorts in it as of yet. I'm ignorant, but still safety conscience! :)

  3. Dawn0210

    Dawn0210 New Member

    Hi, The longs won't go in the clip and the shorts leave room in the clip for the bullet to slide back and forth a little bit, even after putting them in at an angle.

    As far as pics, my camera is on the fritz..otherwise I'd be more than willing!
  4. Dawn0210

    Dawn0210 New Member

    Trust me, I'm not from Texas. I moved here two years ago. It's a whole different world, that's for sure.

    Ok, the baby was calling for food, so that had to take priority. Then it was off to borrow my daughter's camera. Now for pics, I did one with shorts and one with longs.

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  5. JLA

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    the shorts are right. Thats normal. after you cram about 6 in there the bottom ones are sitting at a .45 degree angle because of the rim. that extra space helps keep them from bunching up and binding in the magazine, and just so you know, the Long rifle cartridges are longer than .22 long cartridges. they are 2 different cartridges. you have .22 shorts, longs and long rifles.
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  6. Dawn0210

    Dawn0210 New Member

    Ok cool!!! Thank you!!!!!
  7. dawn,i thought that was the problem,i knew a picture is worth a thousand words.let us know if it shoots ok,do not expect much accuracy and remember its a 22 short.i have found that 22 semi autos,especially smaller ones are very picky with ammo and hold. old semperfi ps i just had a thought,if we are to be your teachers and thats wonderful ,then use the correct technology(magazine)not clip. pss i know ill set up a storm for this but thats the way uncle sams misguided children USMC taught me.
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  8. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    yeah, a clip is discarded after loading the cartridges into the rifle, a magazine is detached from the firearm when empty and can be preloaded before use...
  9. Dawn0210

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    Thank you all so much! I really appreciate the knowledge and will take your teachings to heart. The only "gun" I've ever shot was a BB rifle, so the 22 will probably be what I start to learn off of...I think. However, right now, being very pregnant, just doesn't seem the right time to learn.

    I've always said I would never have a gun in my house until I know how to shoot it accuratly, and while I have the practical knowledge and know what to do, I hate the fact that there's now one in my house and I've never actually shot one. What's the point of owning one if you've never shot it!?!?!?! I really didn't want to be one of those kind of gun owners, but for obvious reasons, I am cutting myself a little slack. :D

    Anyway, again, thank you all so much. I'll be back soon!
  10. TheGunClinger

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    Welcome to the forum Dawn0210! Sorry for your loss.
    So what other firearms did your dad leave you? Post up some pictures. You will learn alot from the people on this forum.
  11. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    youre very welcome young lady and welcome to the forum.:)
  12. Big ugly

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    Being pregnant should do much to keep you from shooting especially a 22 short. Now I would go out and wrap my hands around a 44 mag if I was you. My wife was shootin her 32 up till she was 8 months pregnant. which by the way was just last month, our baby is now almost two weeks old. How ever if you want to practice and not be rattleing off your fire arm then go get you a Air Soft pistol, one of the cheap ones. Little noise and the pricipal of fireing is gonna be the same. Plus if you dont mind cleaning up plastic BBs with your vaccume you can shot it down the hallway in your house or apartment and not have to worry much about hurting anthing. You would be better off out side though and plus as far as I know there is no laws about air soft shooting in City limits. If you can hit what your shooting at (or at least get close) with an airsoft gun then that little 22 short is gonna be just fine in yer hands.
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