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  1. Kestral

    Kestral Member

    Am pistol/rev reloader,never tried rifle,so need your assistance with a safe load for 150/200 yrd shooting,bolt action,using Hornady powder,Have a choice of 4 different types,& either 75 or 87 grn soft points,thanks for your help.Kestral
  2. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    For a couple .243s I loaded for in the past, I used to load the 87gr Hornady soft-point bullet with IMR4064 powder. Don't remember what charge weights I was using anymore plus this was several years ago so the load data could be outdated anyway. I had also tried H4350, but it worked better with the heavier 100gr bullets where I had better luck with IMR4064 with the 87s.

    Not sure what brands of powder you've got available over there. If you're using Hornady bullets, I would check the current Hornady reloading manual to see what they're using for powder and what you can get your hands on.

    Good luck!

  3. Kestral

    Kestral Member

    Thanks bindernut for your info, have some 100 grn bullets & H4350 powder so will give that a try.Kestral
  4. thomas44

    thomas44 New Member

    Mar 16, 2008
    I shouldn't say this, but I haven't found a "bad" load for my Savage 14 yet ! It definitely likes the Nosler Ballistic Tip 70 grainers on top of Hodgdon Varget. 75 grain Hornady V-max are great too ! H4895 has worked well for me, but I'm finding Varget works well in anything I'm reloading lately, including .223, .22-250 and .243, so it's quickly becoming my go-to powder. Good luck !!
  5. rim-shooting-01

    rim-shooting-01 New Member

    Jun 19, 2008
  6. My varmit load of choice for my Rem 700 CDL is using the Hornady 75gr V-MAX behind 45.0 gr of H414 which shoots under 1/2 in at 100 yds and for heavier down range thump for prairie goats and such 44.0gr again of the H414 and the Barnes 85gr TSX which shoots an honest 1/2 inch at 100 yds as well . both will shoot moa or better at 200 yds as well. I would not fear to use the Barnes on deer as the bullet has terminal performance equal to any 95gr bullets I have used to date. I havent tried this powder yet but comes up as a favorite as well on dozens of personal posts for bullets in the 85gr weight and that is IMR4350 not to confuse with H4350 . Hope this helps . 10 SPOT
  7. LDBennett

    LDBennett Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2003
    Hesperia, CA

    A safety point:

    Don't use other's reloading data without verifying it does not exceed listed reloading manual load data for the bullet of choice. What works in someone else's gun may be a problem for yours.

    Take the data given here and find it in a manual before using it. Then start at the starting load for the bullet/powder comb, not at the load given by others. As you pass through the given load level and beyond do not exceed the max load level or any load level that starts to show signs of excessive pressure. A good load for you is a load the shoots accurately in you gun, not in someone elses. Safety first!

    Someone here (not to be named) learned this lesson the hard way! His gun had to go back to the manufacuturer for repair thanks to someone elses trick load.

  8. 7.62x58mmR

    7.62x58mmR New Member

    Nov 24, 2008
    upstate new york
    I agree with LBDBennett only use load data that can be verified with established load data. Best to invest in several manuals start your own library
  9. griffshrek

    griffshrek New Member

    Oct 9, 2007
    i fully agree with the last few posts of starting low with other peoples load data and working up.

    BUT 10 Spot Terminator you must be reading my mind you are using the same ammo (75 gr Vmax & 85gr TSX) and exactly the same powder and weights for both . mine are both shooting sub " groups at 200m .

    i find the 75gr Vmax outstanding on fox , i have never had one take a step after being shot . the Barnes 85gr TSX is my main deer bullet and only last week shot a 170lbs fallow deer which dropped to the shot .

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