25-06 fmj

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    where can i find 25-06 full metel jacket ammo? or will i have to have them custom made.

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    Hi Arickara.....welcome to TFF.

    FMJ ammunition is usually only found in military calibers.....and .25-06 isn't.

    Even if you wanted to reload for your rifle, I don't know where you'd find any .257 diameter FMJ bullets. The closest military I can see is 6.5mm Arisaka at .263 diameter, and that certainly won't work (even if you could find some).

    Is there some reason you need FMJ?

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    Hi arickara and welcome. I am new here also. I load 25.06 and never ran across any fmj bullets. As a matter of fact I am sending away for some .257 and .30 cal moulds to shoot wheel weights. If I run accross some fmj I will post it. I kinda doubt it as xracer said only the military cal have it and the old 25 is only civilian. Luck Boon

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    thanks for the info, i hunt alot of coyotes here in north dakota and dont want to tear them apart , i need to save the fur. thats why i would like a fmj .

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    If you're making any $$$ off those coyote skins, you might want to invest in a rifle in .223. All sorts of FMJ ammo available in that caliber.

    I've heard very good things about the Savage bolt action rifles.....reasonably priced and VERY accurate right out of the box. www.savagearms.com/center..._home.htm#
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    Ya dont need fmj to stop tearing up your hides....drop to a Hornady#2510 60 gr. .257 flat point bullet....use my pet load of 7 or 8 grains of Dupont SR ....4759........This works fine in my Remington, most of the time the bullet does not exit the cyotee....I have had good luck with the Sierra 75 grain Hollow point also.....Note that most of my shooting with these loads was 150 yards or less......but a sweet load and low muzzle blast fps is around 15 to 1800 fps....
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