264 win. mag.

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    Apr 12, 2007
    Just got a Rem. 700 in 264 Win. Mag. Any pet loads out there for me to try? Plan on using Barnes Triple shock 130 gr. Any info would be great.
  2. I shot and reloaded for a Winchester model 70 (post 64) in 264 Winchester magnum for many years.

    I have some loads that worked well but the cartridge is so qwerky that I recommend you build up your own so to speak. Pressure indicators can appear suddenly so work up your loads in very small increments.

    Be prepared to trim your brass after every reloading if you are approaching factory specs. A sure sign of long cases is a difficult to close bolt. Also be prepared to discard case after a relative few reloadings if you load them to capacity.

    Conventional wisdom predicts barrel throat erosion in as little as 500 rounds with factory loads or home grown loads of similiar performance. I've shot mine considerably more than 500 rounds and while it has never been a tack driver I have been able to hit prairie dogs with it consistantly at 300+ yards.

    Stay away from light hollow point bullets. I have had 87 grain speer hollow points literally come apart when driven to fast. I think that bullet was designed with much smaller case capacities in mind.

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    I wouldn't give 50 cents for one of them just because of the amount of powder that has to be burnt to get it to do anything worth talking about.Just my own personal opinion.
  4. Hello jeff;
    I am currently doing load workup on my 264 Win mag Model 70 Winchester Westerner with the same bullet . Having read the other reply by Knight Driver I will narrow down the mystery of the barrel burner syndrome tag given to the 264 some many years ago. My rifle which was the first one built in this round by Winchester had (as do many other various rifles built afterwards) a special throat configuration that conformed to a special double diameter / reduced diameter bullet that was part of the 264 Win Mag progation. Here is where the barrel burner syndrome came into play as well as the gun was built with a 1 in 9 twist rate which typically handled the 140gr bullets very well . Man in all his wisdom not being able to leave things alone strove to load bullets that were lighter and of a different configuration at velocities that far exceeded what the gun was designed to do and would burn the throats out fairly quickly as well as overdriving the lands if too hot and so goes the barrel. All that aside I can best help you if you can do a little checking for me on your gun. If you dont have a Stoney Point or Hornady OAL measuring tool try as best you can to seat one of the 130gr TSXs touching the lands and then measure the OAL of the cartridge to determine the throat dimensions. I was one of if not the very first to have my thoat redone many years ago and my barrel is fine . Typically the calibre itself loves flat base spitzer type bullets over boatails in the 140gr persuasion with 60 to 62 grs of H4831 . This was Ken Waters pet load as well as mine . In the 130gr TSX so far 58.5grs of RL22 has delivered 1/2 in groups but at a weak 2950 fps . I am pesently wringing out another load with a different powder that is showing promise of delivering good results in the 3300 fps range but weather and time will slow this test down a bit . I have been playing as well with a Nosler 125gr Partition load and RL22 powder given to me by another 264 shooter that looks as it too may fall in the 3300 fps area . One of these 2 will end up as my long range prarie round for deer and antelope . Earmark my user name and feel free to PM me from time to time if you do not see a post. When I nail one of these loads down I will post on this as well as a few other forums . There are many out there struggling with this calibre and mostly because they dont understand the gun. Welcome to the never ending learning curve of reloading. By the way let me know if your barrel twist rate is different than 1 in 9 as well . This will make a BIG difference. 10 SPOT
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    Welcome to the forum 10 spot!:D:D

    It is plain to see you bring a new wealth of information with you. There is alot here, but more is certainly better in this case. I too have a pre 64 70 in 264. Unfortunatly it is a feather weight, with a 22 inch tube. Really too short to make the most of this round. Oh the muzzle blast though!:eek: In dim light it is really sight.:p Someday if I find the right standard model I might just have to have another. Thank you sir for posting, and I look forward to seeing your future posts.:D Best regards Kirk
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    Jan 13, 2009

    I have had my 264 for about 20 yrs and have at last count 327 rounds through it. I have played with 129 and 140 gr bullets and my current load is 62.1 gr IMR 4831 behind a 140 nosler. I did manage a few punched primers and some expanded primer pockets along the way.:rolleyes:

    The load of 62.1 gr IMR 4831 behind a 140 nosler has done a great job on game no complaints. You mentioned a load of 60-62 gr of 4831 and 140 gr... do you have any fps data for those loads. If I remember right mine were around 3030 fps...I will need to conagraph them again.

    I would like to get over 3100 fps with a 140 but I will need to look into other (slower) powders to do this.

    Do you or any one else have any powder choices to recomend and a starting point to work up from?

    Thanks Rick.
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    May 10, 2004
    I have shot the Win 70 in 264 Mag and it beat the crap out me :(
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    Jan 13, 2009
    Yeah it does kick a little, but seems like a treat after I shoot my 300 win mag:D
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    Dec 3, 2005
    I've got a Ruger 77 in 338 win mag(same case just necked up) The first three shots thru mine were Barnes bullets in factory loads by Hornady & all three holes at 100 yards were touching. I really like Barnes bullets & would recomend their very good load manual. Their manual points out that the copper they use is quite a bit softer than other brand's copper & that it lays down copper fouling pretty fast if you dont use their cleaner right away & follow their barrel seasoning dirrections. Sounds weird but I've been very happy.

    I love the kick on my .338. Usually I only "love" it about 10 or so shots per session though.:)
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  10. For 71bronco,

    You are right on track with the H4831 loads for 140gr. bullets. With crimping I got low deviations in fps ( 15 ) and an average of 3035 fps. My bio rythems have been out of whack and cant seem to get the weather I need when I have time available to go shoot . I am still playing with the 130gr. Barnes TSX load as that bullet has as much or more terminal performance of any 140gr. bullet out there in an effort to get more speed . If I cant get this on track I have some input from other LONG TIME shooers of the 264 Mag for loads using the 125gr. Nosler Partitions with some pretty impressive terminal perfomance on big mulies at speeds knocking 3300 fps . I promise to share any good results I get when that day comes . ;)
  11. Barnes shows RL22 as their accuracy powder load for this bullet and I tried it. It was accurate at the 58.5gr. wt but performed very weak from the 26in barrel. ( 2950 fps ) I am working with Retumbo currently and if this does not pan out am going to go to IMR4350 . This powder has in other overbore rounds been the winner for me. You might want to try this one as a starting powder .
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    Jan 13, 2009
    10 Spot, thanks for the information and I look forward to hearing how the 130gr TSX loads turn out. I would be very happy to get 3100 fps out of my 140gr Noslers, I checked my loading notes any any time I got 3100fps or better (3133 fps was fastest) with IMR 4831 I also have pressure signs.

    I see some data on loads using H1000, I have never used this powder, any one have comments on using it in the .264 win with a 140 gr?
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    Jan 7, 2017
    I have been using H1000 an 143 eld x through my 1:8 24 inch Ruger Hawkeye averaging 5/8 groups at 100yds killed my buck this year at 396 yards
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    Welcome to The Firearms Forum winmag. This is an eight year old thread, the other participants have not been here in several years.
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    Sorry, thanks