28 gauge heavy load vs 12 gauge light load

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  1. TLS_TX

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    Apr 29, 2012
    I just recently purchased a relatively inexpensive 28 ga. side by side for this upcoming dove season. As I was looking for ammunition online I noticed that you can get 1 oz loads that are faster than most light 12 gauge loads at 1300 fps or more. My question is could this 1 oz load outshoot a 1oz or lighter 20 or 12 gauge? What exactly is the science behind this?

    I imagine the 28 gauge would be sacrificing a good bit of the wad in fit 1 oz of shot in there, but other than that, all I can see is that it's the same amount of shot going up in the air regardless of the gauge... often times at a faster speed from the 28 gauge.

    How exactly would a heavy loaded 28 gauge compare to a lightly loaded 12 or 20 gauge?
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