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    Mar 25, 2001
    Well, I was CLOSE. I stayed at 25 yds, to sight in (right on at 25 should be 3" high at 100, and right on at about 200 anyway, plus it would be easy to spot, and test the mount...)

    For the first 20 rounds or so it stayed tight. While it was nowhere near the bull, I was firing 2 shots at a time, then adjusting and MANY were one hole, or almost touching.

    Then I ran out of de-elevation (?) on the scope, and had to get some out of the mount, which is "adjustible." (supposedly) Took off the scope, adjusted the mount, and remounted the scope. Interestingly the windage did NOT change, so maybe there IS something to that "keeping zero" after dismounting/remounting with a weaver style rib and good rings...

    It was shortly after this, about 10 or 20 more shots, that I first noticed a little movement... :mad: Then it started like last week, fire a couple of strings, groups grow, retighten shoot, retighten... :mad:

    But also during THIS string I had my very first "blown" case with a MN. An Albanian brass case split about 1/4" up from the rim, about 1/4" long longitudinally. The action handled it well, all I felt was a little different sound, noticed and felt some soot and gasses up from the front of the bolt, and a little difference in the recoil. NO signs of any excess pressure on it or on ANY of the previous rounds, or on any I fired AFTER (after a CLOSE inspection of the chamber and bolt with a bore light and magnifying glass I always carry!) I believe it was just a weak case! I did touch off the next two "from the hip, arms extended" just in case...and checked those cases and some others with a glass too for any bulging, splits near the base or flattened primers...nothing.

    The GOOD news is once after the blow up when I was ALMOST right on, I checked to see if the mount was tight, made my FINAL couple of clicks adjustment, and loaded two Winchester 180 FMJs, and fired a 1/2" group, DEAD center.

    But then, I reloaded with the LAST two from the box left from last week, and touched them off carefully...3" group, a FOOT high and 6" right!!!!! :mad: :mad:

    Checked the mount, and it was LOOSE...you could move it up and down about 1/8th inch!!! :eek:

    So I called it a day.

    The State Rangemaster today also was a guy I worked with for a season when I worked for the paver about ten years ago, so it was like old home week on the range too...

    Went to the hardware store after and bought a BUNCH of set screws intending to replace them all, but of course I got the wrong THREADS :mad: :mad:

    Also, before I went, I putzed around changing follower and mag spring to get it to feed better, and take strippers. NOW it takes a stripper, but either ejects the first two rounds like a toaster, or if it doesn't, it double feeds the first two... :mad: SO I effectively have a three shot rifle! THOSE three feed slick though! :cool: (I know, ONE problem at a time...)

    Anyway, I'm getting ready to CHUCK this project and wait for the bent bolt for the Polish...another 60 or so rounds in vain... :mad:

    I'll fool around with it some more until it comes, and give it ONE more chance...if I can figure out a "Plan C..." that is! :mad:
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  2. Polish, I don't know if this will be of any help, but I'm going to at least check out these folks for a scout mount for my Mauser, and maybe for the Mosin. Take a look and let me know what you think. Supposedly, these "Instamounts" work better than anything else out there, though they do seem a tad expensive.


  3. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Yowza! $74? But then if it WORKED it would be worth it.

    I'm STILL going to figure out a way to make this one work, somehow, its a frikkin QUEST now :cool: I'm going to start by drilling out the sight ears for a 1/4" machine screw, so I can REALLY tighten it, then replace ALL the mount's set screws with new ones. The old ones feel kind of stripped, and the hex heads kind of rounded so you CAN'T crank them down. I MAY even drill out the two main ones and retap, and install LARGER ones, and when I it shooting where I want it, epoxy them in.

    The BAD news is I drilled and tapped the sides of my sight base and put in the extra set screws, and that actually made it worse! The set screws actually when tightened ended up forcing the base UP under recoil! It seems they weren't catching completely on the mount...

    Well the good news is I figured out the feeding problems tonight...the ejector/interrupter spring screw had come loose, I must not have tightened it down tight enough, or it came loose under the recoil of the 100 or so rounds I put through it at the time I put in first stripper today...

    And when I rebuilt the follower with less tired springs it was putting too much upward pressure on the rounds for the interrupter to catch, so it would eject two, after which the loose interrupter NOW had enough oomph to grab the third round!

    It NOW feeds strippers and feeds into the chamber like butter! :) (Kinda like a WOMAN, about the time you are ready to DUMP her, she does something nice and you decide to keep her ;) )(don't let my WIFE read this! :D )

    It WAS kind of funny though now that I think about it, but ANNOYING at the range, loaded a stripper, its fine, put the empty stripper down on the bench and grab the bolt handle to close it and before it moves an inch, "SPROING" two rounds pop out like a toaster! Kinda like hitting the mag release on the Steyr M95! :D
  4. Sounds like typical new gun problems. Good luck man.
  5. Polish, it may seem a bit extreme, but there is one thing you might consider if all else fails. You might try using JB Weld on the screws. That stuff is pretty potent, especially with metal parts. If that won't hold the mount secure, it's time to think about either a tig weld or tossing that mount into Lake Michigan! :D :eek:
  6. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    I think I figured out a plan C. (I hope I don't go straight to Hell because I was thinking about it today in CHURCH. :eek: )

    I'm going to fabricate two small L brackets, and drill and tap the sight base sides (I can use the two holes already that I used for the set screws, and add another towards the back.) I will attach it to the base with cap screws. THEN the upright will reach up to just under the rail, where the cast aluminum is thick enough to drill a hole all the way through. I will attach the top ear to the rail by a machine screw with nuts and crank it down.

    This way the rail will be actually attached solidly in two places, not just one where it can pivot.

    What's happening now I believe is that the two vertical adjustment set screws that adjust for elevation, one in front and one behind the pivot, which when both are tightened, are meant to bind the pivot, are the ones actually loosening, which allows the mount to pivot on the one through bolt, or the original cap screws which stripped.

    The bad news is I don't have much room to work, and I will lose the adjustment capability of the mount. I THOUGHT maybe to use slots, so I can move it up or down a little, but I'm going to take away ANY chance at movement, dammit! :cool:

    The GOOD news is I took measurements yesterday when it was shooting right on, before I tore it apart, so I BELIEVE I can get it close enough.

    Plan D will be using the mount as a sliding sinker for a catfish rig in the Whitewater River, I figure it MOVES enough NOW, it oughta' slide just fine... :cool:
  7. Not to worry, Polish, you can always go to confession. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I was planning on how to mount my scope instead of listening to the homily." I'm sure the good Father will understand. :D Perhaps a few "Hail Marys" and "Our Fathers" will be enough. If not, and you're like me, you'll probably be so busy shaking hands and greeting old friends you won't notice where you ended up. :cool: I haven't been to confession in so long the Father would have to block out a whole day just to listen to me. :D :rolleyes:

    Seriously, let us know how your idea turns out. I'm going to call those folks at Instamount tomorrow and have them describe how their mount actually works and if it is really solid. I want that Mauser to turn out really nice if I can manage it, and the Mosin too, if possible.
  8. Polish, just FYI, I ordered one of those S&K Instamounts for that Mosin 44 I have coming. Soon as I mount it on the rifle, I'll let you know how it works. It sure sounds like it will. I also ordered them for the Mauser and for the Swiss K31. All are scout mounts so I will need to order some more LER scopes for use with them.
  9. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Let me know about the instamount when you get it...I'm interested. But I WILL make this sorry piece of bauxite crap work or die trying...

    I'm still in the planning stages on my Plan C, can't make up my mind on the side brackets.

    It would be kind of tough to fabricate and drill something that SMALL out of any kind of steel other than sheet metal, but i have another option of using 1/16" aluminum plate I found ...

    I'm thinking of actually making it square peices on either side and attach it with two screws on the base on each side and two machine screws through the mount. I wonder if stiff sheet metal would hold? Maybe a thick guage...

    I WISH I could give a glowing report on the NCStar 4 power LER I have, it SEEMS to do OK, but it's tough to say with the mount problems. I was worried that 4X would be too much for an LER, but I think I like it. The illuminated reticle is pretty cool too in low light. I think it's pretty fast, too...or I'm just getting used to it.

    And I too have been away from Confession for awhile, it was MUCH easier in the old days when you could convince yourself the guy on the other side of the dark screen didn't know who you were, and you could always "make up" a few sins if you thought you were getting off too easy... :D

    This face-to-face stuff today is HARD! :)
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