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  1. This appeared on Fox News today:

    The president’s budget team has already broken down that figure in terms of tax revenue and spending allocations to the myriad agencies that compose the federal government.

    Here are a few helpful examples, though, to help put so many trillions in a little perspective.

    – If you spent $1 million an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t run out of money for 411 years.

    – If you took 3.6 trillion one-dollar bills, and placed them end-to-end, that line of bills would reach from Capitol Hill to the sun and then back to Capitol Hill and then back to the sun — and then almost all the way back to Capitol Hill again.

    – Or try this: 3.6 trillion seconds ago, our ancestors were using stone tools and Neanderthal men still roamed Europe.

    University of Maryland economics Professor Peter Morici has a different way of looking at a $3.6 trillion federal budget:

    “That’s one out of every four dollars produced in the U.S. It’s 25 percent of the GDP,” he said.

    And that doesn’t even include the $700 billion in bank bailout money or the $410 billion spending bill under consideration on the Hill. That’s another $1.1 trillion, which is also a ton of money — actually that’s roughly 1 million tons of money.
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    pistol, i am going to take a small little white pill and relax 4 a change. i may say something tomorrow. but to let you know i am reading your mind

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    Ell, not much I can do about it, today, because It's raining.
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    I have been wondering how many square feet that amount would take up.
  5. I saw it last night....in one dollar bills stacked up from here to the moon and back again....:mad:
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    stock up bunker down and hold on
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    Here's an idea. Why don't they take that $3,600,000,000,000 and buy lottery tickets. That stands a better chance of fixing the economy than what they have planned. Make sure some of them are scratch offs. That will give Pelosi , Reid, and Schumer something to do.
  8. Yup, perhaps if they spent their time scratching off tickets, they would have less time to screw up the government. :rolleyes:
  9. Somebody on FOX news said that $3,600,000,000,000 in paper money weight would equal the tonnage of 120 Nimitz aircraft carriers. That's 11,640,000 tons total.
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    That's more money than I make in five years!!!
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    I worked for a decent sized Waste to Energy Plant and it would take over 21 years just to burn that tonnage of cash and it would generate about 8 million mega watt hours of electricity. Probably a better use than they will put it to.
  12. Wow.
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    That was a very discriminatory statement,:rolleyes: you left out that other idiot Barney Frank.
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    You mean the guy that said everything is fine when Bush tried to head off the banking crisis in 2004? The guy that responded to the hot bottoms ad in the personals section "men seeking men"? That Barney Frank that keeps getting re-elected?