30-06 vs. 7mm Rem Mag felt recoil

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    Do make sure that when you size the belted cases that they still fit the chamber.

    It turns out that when the body of the case is sized (even when it is only partially sized as I suggest) the case reforms, gets longer and moves the shoulder around. So finding that critical point where the shoulder remains where it was when it came out of the chamber is a trial and error thing.... a little sizing at a time with testing in the chamber of the gun. An alternate approach is to get the RCBS Precision Mic for 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge and use it as comparison measuring device with fired cases before sizing:

    RCBS Precision Mic 7mm Remington Magnum

    I have these gages for all the cartridges that I use this approach on.

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    well.. I'm way familiar with trial and error :)

    when getting used to new dies and working up new cartridges i always make a few uncharged dummies to check out COAL and seating depths and crimps and whatnot.. those dummies I use to test chambering.. make sure bolt is not hard.. etc..

    that's how I setup my case trimmer too.

    I have a box of trimmed cases, one for each caliber I load.. and keep them as a reference and use them as a quick gauge for setting up the trimer when switching between calibers.
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