.30 Carbine Headspace

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  1. Squeak

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    I'm getting ready to settle into my reloading routine now that we are getting into the winter months.
    I have a neighbor who likes to shoot his .30 M-1 carbine & I told him I'd load up some food for it if he'd buy the dies.
    I'm not very familiar with this particular cartrige & got to wondering about headspace.
    Does this cartrige headspace on the front edge of the rim of the brass like a .45 ACP? That's the only way I can figure it. Am I correct? How critical is the length of the brass and overall length? He's talking about JHP bullets instead of RN. Will the M-1 carbine feed hollow points or does it like RN better?
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    Aug 12, 2011
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  3. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    Yes the .30 carb headspaces off the mouth just like a rimless auto pistol round. I never trimmed any of the .30 carbine brass I had. It doesnt grow much.

    Do lube your cases even if your dies are carbide. The only 2 times I ever broke my press was sizing .30 carbs. The brass is incredibly thick and tough.

    My favorite load was 15 gr H110 under a 90 gr HDY XTP. Makes almost 2300 fps from an M1 carbine. My wife used it to hunt deer back when I had it.
  4. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    I have not been loading 30 carbine very long. I loaded up a bunch this afternoon and I do think that I will lube them up some before I ever do any more. They were awfully hard to resize and the thing made some weird noises on the up stroke of the handle. Sounded like they were getting stuck!!
  5. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    They are so hard to size george they will break the linkage. I was using a Lee anniversary press beck when i had mine and I broke the toggles twice. A few squirts of the diluted Lee lube/alcohol mix and a quick shake in a bag will help alot.
  6. Squeak

    Squeak Member

    Hmmmm, I always thought straight wall brass was easy to load. I know .38 & .45 ACP is a breeze with carbide dies & I figured the .30 would be samo samo. I told the neighbor to make sure he got carbide dies. Hope I didn't write a check my a** can't cash.
    What kind of lube THAT IS EASY TO USE would you guys reccomend?
  7. oldpapps

    oldpapps New Member

    The carbine case is actually tapered. When you size, don't get carried away. Size (with lub) a half dozen or so, clean them off, try them in the chamber. If they don't slip in with no effort, size them with 'more effort'. My bet is they will require very little crunching.
    If your bud want HPs, load a few and see if his rifle will eat them. If not, stay with the FMJ round nose.
    Many years ago I had a 'RockOla' that would eat everything I tried. Shake it and it rattled.

    Be safe and enjoy.

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  8. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    You will be able to cash it. Just take your time and lube your cases. Dont bother with the sizing only portions of the case. Set the die up they way it says to in the instructions and lube the cases. I recommend LEE case lube in a spray bottle diluted with alcohol. Thats what I use and it works great.

    LEE case lube by itself works fine though. Just apply it sparingly to the cases with your fingers. you dont need very much.
  9. BikerNut

    BikerNut New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    I use a lube pad with RCBS lube (because that's what I got) when I'm resizing .30 carbine, and it's still a bit of a struggle. Now that I've reloaded about five hundred of these little puppies, I have my system for doing it:
    (1) Put twice as much lube on the lube pad as I normally do for .223
    (2) Replenish the lube pad twice as often
    (3) Put a little mica or graphite on the case mouth every 10-12 cases

    Having a tough-ass press helps, too.

    After sizing, I trim to 1.285". I have only used 110-grain RN bullets. I would not consider a JHP bullet unless I was feeding single rounds into the breech while shooting bench rest. The rifle was not designed for feeding JHP or FN, so if it feeds and fires reliably from a mag, then you're lucky.

    If it's a new repro M1, or a James River restoration, or something like that, then feed it whatever you want and have a blast.

    My M1 will be 70 years old next year, so it's on a limited, geriatric diet: 14.3 grains H110, 110-grain RN bullets only.
  10. Squeak

    Squeak Member

    The press I'll be using is an old time single stage RCBS. I think it was the model they had just before they introduced the Rockchucker model. It really doesn't look like anything that will break - - - and from my previous experiance with the RCBS company, I'd be willing to bet that if anything did break, they'd probably send me repair parts for free.

    When I load bottleneck cartriges, I been using "STP" for a lube agent. Works real good. The only disadvantage with the STP thing is ya gotta wash em off in gasoline after sizing & then leave em dry out at least overnight. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks I guess.
    I'm gonna try to talk this guy out of HP's & stick with RN's if possible. That makes sense to me.
    Glad to find out from you guys out there that these are a little tougher to size than what I expected. THANKS!

    DODGE-KIMBER New Member

    Mar 2, 2011
    I very dearly miss the .30 carbine I once had :( ....... I wonder whatever could have happened to it...

    :tapfoot: JLA
  12. JLA

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    momentary lapse of sanity woman.. It happens from time to time.. :(
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