30 remington VS 30 Carbine

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  1. temprock69

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    Jan 22, 2011
    Would someone explain to me the defferance between a 30 Remington and a 30 Carbine cartrage.
  2. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    The .30 Remington cartridge has a bottle neck case about 2 inches long; the .30 carbine is a tapered case about 1.3 inches long. The .30 Remington fires a (factory load) 170 grain bullet at 2120 feet per second; the .30 carbine fires a 110 grain bullet at 1900 feet per second. Both are rimless cases.

    The .30 Remington was developed for that company's line of pump and semi-auto rifles as the equvalent of Winchester's .30-30 because the rimmed Winchester round would not feed well in Remington's rifles (plus, of course, it was a Winchester cartridge!). Remington developed a series of cartridges, pretty much paralleling the Winchester line - the .25 Remington (.25-35 Winchester), .30 Remington (.30-30), .32 Remington (.32 Winchester Special) and .35 Remington. The latter, with no comparable Winchester round, is the only one for which rifles are still made.

    The .30 Carbine was basically a slightly modified .32 Winchester Self Loading cartridge, made specifically for the WWII U.S. military carbine, a light semi-automatic rifle developed as a replacement for the .45 pistol for officers and others who would be burdened by carrying a regular infantry rifle.

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    Cartridge nomenclature is as confusing as learning Chinese. A copy of Cartridges of the World will help clear up most of that confusion.
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