3000 yd capability!

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  1. Regular Joe

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Do a little bit of reading here:
    In WWII, Germany used the 88mm cannon very widely. Note that it fired a 17 lb. armor piercing round at just over 3,700 fps. Experimental models were fitted with barrels that tapered on the inside, and also had progressively accelerating twist rates. That was 60 years ago.
    A coupla' decades back, one of the gun rags did a little test run with the "Eargeshplittenloudenboomer", which was a 378 Weatherby necked to .22 cal. to determine the fastest that a bullet could be propelled in a rifled barrel. They came up with something around 5,300 fps.
    P.O. Ackley did all of this in the '40's, and found the same figure with rifled, and about 6,000 fps with a smooth bore. We are certainly NOT dealing with "new" or "evolved" technology here! We are chasing our tails over old and previously proven stuff.
    If you want to see gun research at the quintessential maximum in all of human history, check this little piece about the German 800 mm rail gun. Shells weighed something like 7,900 lbs. and yes, this was 60+ years ago.
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    colorful colorado
    Some fellas from Colorado have made shots to 3000+ yds on prairie dogs and scored, using a custom railgun and wildcat caliber based on the .338 Lapua case. I can tell you that the rifle in the picture wouldn't do it, the scope is way too much in line with the bore. I believe that the one on the railgun had a mount 4" higher than the front. The article is in the July 2008 issue of Varmint Hunter magazine.
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Reminds me a bit of those cheap binoculars advertised to let you see things at 210 feet. Heck, I can see the sun without binoculars and it is 93 million miles away.

    Just about any high power rifle will shoot 3000 yards (about 1.7 miles). That rifle may be more accuate than most (and the price reflects it) but 1/2 MOA is not that great any more, and I have a couple of rifles that will do it consistently with the right loads. A rifle that will do 1/2 MOA at 100 yds will do 1/2 MOA at 1000 yards; the reason most won't is the load and bullet, not the rifle.

    What they don't say is what angle of departure is needed to get that 3000 yards. They sure don't get it with the rifle and scope as pictured (as al45lc points out).

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