.32 H&R Top Break Revolver

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    Dec 11, 2012
    Looking for a lot of help with this one. I think the finish is nickel and I want to remove it and blue the gun. I've been told that I may encounter some problems with the steel quality of this piece and may want to reconsider. Any thoughts here would be very helpful.
    Also, when breaking the gun down I can't tell if the cylinder post is threaded to the ejector, and I can't find a quality schematic to help me determine that it is in fact threaded.
    I have included a couple of pictures and would also be appreciative of any history that can be determined. There is no caliber marked on the side, so I assume (from reading other posts here) that it is a black powder weapon, and therefore I cannot use standard S&W shorts with smokeless powder.
    That's a lot to ask for, but everyone here seems so friendly and helpful that I thought I'd get it out there and see if I can learn from the experts.
    Thanks to all who can enlighten me on this project.

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