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  1. here is the deal,im reloading 357s using new starline brass and hp/xtp 158 grain hornady bullets.the powder charge is 17.7 of h110.i intend using this in my winchester lever for deer.this load should give my about 1900fps.my back up gun is a new ruger blackhawk flat-top anniversity model also in 357.i have heard that rugers are stronger guns,could i also use these in my pistol safely.if the answer is yes then please tell me where you got your info. old semperfi
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    May I ask what manual you are using? My Hornady # 7 manual shows the maximum load of H110 with 158 grain bullet is 15.5 grains and 15.6 grains in a hand gun.

    The Lyman #49 shows 17.0 maximum in both rifle and hand gun.

    EDIT: To answer your original question though, if you create a load for your rifle, it should be ok in your pistol. I load the same loads for my Ruger .44 Carbine and my Ruger Redhawk. I will check the loading data in both the rifle and the pistol sections of which ever manual I am using and if the loads agree then they are safe to use in both. I do the same thing for My Winchester .357 lever action carbine and for my Dan Wesson .357 revolver.
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    i think the question relates to the 45lc version as the ruger is the only pistol recommended for the hot loads of 45lc made by Corban and BB, sometimes refered to as +p or +p+ loads and shot in the rifles.
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    old semperfi:

    The latest load data for your rifle and pistol should be on the Hodgdon reloaing site:


    Here is that data for rifles:


    158 GR. HDY XTP Hodgdon H110 .357" 1.580" 15.0 1619 28,600 CUP 16.7 1757 40,700 CUP

    Here is that data for pistols:

    158 GR. HDY XTP Hodgdon H110 .357" 1.580" 15.0 1418 28,600 CUP 16.7 1591 40,700 CUP

    As you can see the max loads are the same and your load is too HOT by a full grain! Don't use your load! Stick with the powder manufacturer's recommended load max.

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  5. my lyman reloading manuel #47 shows the powder charge im using,this is a rifle load only,according to the book old semperfi
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    old semperfi:

    The latest Lyman book I have (#49) show a max load with jacketed bullets of 17.0 not 17.7 grs of H110. This is a generic load for jacketed bullets NOT Hornady XTP's which tend to have to be downloaded a bit (according to several other manuals I have). It is not uncommon for specific bullets to have different requirements because of the nature of the jacket materials or design.

    You should be using the latest manuals because as time goes on the instrumentation for testing gets better with the result that some of the old loads are found to be a bit unsafe, regardless that many have used them for decades in some cases. Safe is safe and that is what reloading manuals attempt to get to. In the past more physically measurable features of the fired cases were used to determine pressure whereas today they can monitor the pressure from the point of ignition to the bullet leaving the barrel and see spikes not known of before this new instrumentation.

    I also noted that the pistol max load is identical to the rifle load for the generic 158 gr jacketed bullet.

    I suggest you forget about the Lyman load and stick with the Hodgdon load made for the specific bullet and H110 you intend to use. H110 is pretty energetic powder. Get the load wrong and you and/or your gun may suffer bad things.

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