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Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by djjoshuad, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. djjoshuad

    djjoshuad New Member

    Feb 18, 2011
    Corinth, TX
    New here and possibly a newbie question... but I need to ask: I just picked up a Sig P226R in .357 Sig. Stopped by Walmart on the way home for some range ammo, and the local one doesn't even appear to *carry* .357 Sig. A few varieties for .357 Magnum... but no Sig. I got home and started looking around online... hard to find!

    Was this purchase a mistake? I know a LOT of LEOs swear by the .357 sig round. I also know that it's a pretty common service issue... is it really this hard to find .357 Sig ammo?
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  2. CampingJosh

    CampingJosh Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    Mass retail stores (Walmart, etc.) don't usually carry it. Just about every gun shop I've been to does, though. It's not particularly rare, it's just not common enough for it to be ubiquitous.

    Many, many online retailers stock it. This place has a lot of choices: http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/index.php/cName/pistol-ammo-357-sig

  3. woolleyworm

    woolleyworm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth
    .357 Sig is definetly much harder and more expensive than most other ammo. Not impossible, but it's one that I would have to reload in order to own. My question would be "what influenced you to buy the caliber?". Yes, it's a great round, but only for a purpose. If you're wanting to shoot up hundreds of rounds at the range and plink with it, then I hope you have a fat wallet or you reload. The round is quite hot and will penetrate darn near anything. Gotta run, so I'm gonna leave this brief; just hope you made a good choice for yourself.
  4. 312shooter

    312shooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2008
    Las Vegas NV
    Yes the 357 sig is a great performer for the LEO, in many instances of shooting through vehicle doors it trumps the 40 hence the LE interest.

    I would also consider it as far from a plinking/hobby caliber as you can get. Availability of ammo is tough and prices are that of a specialty caliber. Much like the 45 GAP
  5. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    If you reload i have a few hundred pieces of brass ill send you free of charge. I picked em up off the rio vista police range last qualification they had, didnt see any sense in wasting it letting it sit and weather even though I dont reload it, plus it saves me from having to pilfer thru it next time to get all the 9 mils and .380s;). Its all clean once fired, mostly federal cases...
  6. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    It's not doing you any good, but I saw bunches of it at the gun show today. I did not look at prices because I no longer have anything that shoots it.
  7. djjoshuad

    djjoshuad New Member

    Feb 18, 2011
    Corinth, TX
    Thanks for the replies, guys. I don't reload yet, mainly because the only places I shoot officially disallow reloaded ammo. In reality, they don't care that much and in fact I saw a member shooting reloads today. I've been considering picking up some reloading equipment for awhile, and owning this gun might just push me towards it.

    The good thing is that the P226R can handle .357 or .40 with the switch of a barrel. It looks like I will probably pick up a .40 barrel for it and shoot that for most target practice.

    I was able to find some Winchester at another walmart, $26.95 for 50 rds. I bought all 4 boxes they had. It's the same dirty-but-reliable stuff I shoot in my Beretta PX4 9mm, and it performed well at the range today. The range had some Remington UMC (which I really prefer for target ammo), but of course it was $37... gotta pay the range premium. I still have 150 of the winchester and 50 of the Remington left. I'm hoping to order some online and have it in hand this week, so I don't run out. I love this new gun! :)
  8. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    its all good, someone else will need the brass.

    Good luck.
  9. Boris

    Boris Former Guest

    Oct 1, 2010
    SO true. While I do not have a hard time finding 45 GAP and see it more than 357SIG, it is not a high volume shooter for me. I shoot 2-3K a year from mine and leave the high volume shooting to the XD9. GAP is also a few bucks cheaper a box and the HSTs I get are only $27.00 a box of 50.......
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