.357 sjhp or sjsp? any advantage to either?

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  1. So, here's the thing. I'm thinking I'll buy some more .357 ammo, but I run it through a Marlin lever action carbine as well as revolvers of 4" and 6" barrel length. So I'm looking at semijacketed hollow points and semijacketed lead soft (truncated) points.

    Anything pointy can't be used in the tube-fed carbine, and I'm looking for the most general purpose compromise. Need to be able to shoot wolves, black bears, etc. as well as vicious soda cans. I figure the soft-point bullets will provide better penetration, but with a .357 is that really necessary (East of the Mississippi, where there are no really large animals)? I'm thinking, what's the point of punching holes clean through the average wolf or coyote?

    Bullet weights and prices are identical for what I'm thinking about.
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    I see no difference between the two, especially for your application.
    I also fire the same rounds thru revolvers and lever guns......
    and all my components and load data are chosen accordingly.

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    I personally like the SP design. especially for the rifle. But either will perform to your expectations.
  4. I shoot both because I have to get what I can get when I can get it but for SD purposes I use LSWC. However my choice for hunting is the SJSP or JSP. I have no empirical proof one is better than the other but they just seem to me that they would better penetrate then a hollow point. I never had an issue with any of them not working in any Marlin, Winchester or Henry gun.
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    I only have a revolver but use Federal hydrashock 140 grn.I would see no difference in the choices you stated.
  6. Thanks, that pretty much mirrors my expectations. I think I'll go with the hollow points, because it'll work better in those applications that require a defensive round, and not make any real difference otherwise. Overpenetration won't be of any benefit (no grizzlies in my part of the world).
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    Good thinkin..