38-55 LOADS FOR 375 WIN

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    I own a Winchester 375 BB lever action in almost new condition. I reload for it but I am running out of manual listed gunpowder and primers. I cast my own bullets at 248 grains. In many articles I find that 33-55 rounds could be fired safely in 375 Win. rifles. If so is it safe to reload using BL-C2 gunpowder and large pistol magnum primers? I have reloaded twelve 375 Win rounds with 33 grains of BL-C2, 248 grain cast bullets and Winchester large pistol primers.

    The data for 33-55 suggests a maximum of 38 grains, but I always follow the safety first rule.

    Please any advice is greatly appreciated. I live in Venezuela where our sport is highly restricted and reloading components are almost inexistent.
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    As long as you use .375 brass, you can safely load it down to .38-55 level using .38-55 reloading data.
    Use rifle primers though...don't use pistol primers (regular or magnum)!
    I don't have any data for BLC2 in .38-55 so I can't give advice on that particular load either. If you have data from a manual that uses BLC2, ythen you should be able to use it. Just change those primers to std rifle or whatever the data calls for.

    A friend of mine has a .375 and he uses H4198 with 250gr cast bullets for a light load. I don't know the weight of his powder charge though.

    .38-55 brass is 0.06" of an inch longer than .375 brass, so if you try to fire .38-55 cartridges in the .375 chamber, you will most likely have a dangerous situation.
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