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  1. solitrav

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Thanks for the replies so far, I want to clarify my question. The loads in the manuals are worked up using a 4" barrel. Mine is a 2" barrel .357. are there powders that work better in the shorter barrels. For example, some powders burn faster than others..is a fast burn powder better for short barrels than a slower powder? If so where do I get the info on which are fast, medium and slow burn powders?

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    solitray, if you have a reloading manual, probably of any kind, there is usually a chart in it somewhere with burning rate of all powders known (at the time that particular book was published).

    Shooting times published a chart in the July issue on Page 20. I have looked to see if I could find it on their website, to provide you a link, but I can not find it.

  3. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    I tried to send you a PM with a copy of the above mentioned burn rate chart, but could not figure out how to attach it to a PM, so here is that chart.
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    Looks like folks can't agree on burning rates.

    On your chart both Red Dot and 700X are faster than Bullseye. On mine, Red Dot is 4 powders later than Bullseye, and 700X is #28. Big difference.
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    Yep, we're into the gray areas of reloading again. This is why i don't rely on primer charts, they're not reliable.
    As for burn rate charts, a spread of 4 powders is negligible, some of the powders within a range of 7-8 are so close in burn rate that some testing procedures will vary the results. Now if one had a powder listed at lets say #8 and another chart had the same powder listed at #48, then I'd begin to worry. If one is at 6 in one and 10 on the other, I don't think it's a big concern; it's verified to be within the top 10% of the fastest burning powders, so one can reliably predict that it can be used well in loads requiring such.

    I'm going to have to look into the 700x though, that spread does seem a bit much. I'll have to try to find the charts you both are looking at and see if they have a date on them. There may have been a formulation change or something else.
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