1. Helldorado

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    Nov 23, 2003
    ok sorry it took so long to reply...but heres how it went!

    Whilst i butchered the lil piggy, my buddy got the smoker goin. We tried keeping the heat between 280 and 300 if i remember correctly. I put the quarters on platters and dumped the the fruit on top. Apple, Pineapple, and Papaya. I forgot the onion and garlic and at this point had already put back a few beers so chose not to drive into town ;) With the quarters on a platter covered with foil... they stayed pretty damn moist the whole time. I occationally put a lil water in the platter with them and kept the pot inside the smoker filled with water. The rib cage and backstrap, which there wasnt much of being a small pig, we just stuck on a open platter. after cooking for 9 hours the rib/backstrap was way over done and the quarters not done enough. So we tossed the torso and I picked all the meat off the quarters and put in containers to deal with later( Im pretty drunk at this point). Now the meat from the quarters was probably about 75% done so i could eat some of it...and it was great! But I decided to put it away for now and finish baking it in the oven another time.

    Few days later...

    Im at my house with the picked apart pig meat. What am i gonna do with it? My roomie and I are hungry and have all this meat so... I proceed to cook my "2 Min Hog Pie" I call it this cause it only took me 2 minutes to think up the recipe....and it really turned out pretty good!

    I finished cooking the meat in the oven....on a cassarole dish i put a good layer of the picked apart meat. I covered that with a 15 oz can of veggie soup...the kind with the big chunks of veggies. I mixed up the meat and soup well then covered it with a big can (twenty something ounces) of Cream of Mushroom. Just covered it didnt mix it. And finally I covered all of that with a roll of pizza dough. You know the kind that comes in one of those pop open on the counter things? It was rectangle so fit the cassarole dish perfect. Just stretched it out to size and stuck the whole thing back in the oven at 350 i think, untill the pizza dough was cooked. For as much though as I put into it and as quick as it took to do it, it was really pretty good!

    I regret to inform yall I didnt get pictures of the meat out of the smoker...like i said i had alot to drink and didnt think about it. But i do have a couple pics of the smoker yall might like ;)

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  2. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Thanks for the story man. :D

    Sounds like you had a blast, some of my best hunting trips were ones where I (like you) cooked and got sauced, wound up eating very little, but everyone else got stuffed and stayed out of the beer and bragged on the chef! :D

    I love the smoker, I was really thinking of making one of those when I found the one I have now, just a small single axle, offset job.

    How is the firebox rigged up on yours?


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