4-year old, sipping beer, wearing dress . . .

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    Jul 13, 2007
    This kid's gonna make a fine Senator some day! :eek:

    Chattanooga boy, 4, caught sipping beer, wearing stolen Xmas dress
    By Associated Press

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    CHATTANOOGA — Tennessee investigators say a 4-year-old boy was found roaming his neighborhood in the night, drinking beer and wearing a little girl's dress taken from under a neighbor's Christmas tree.

    The child's mother, 21-year-old April Wright, tells WTVC-TV the boy "wants to go to jail because that's where his daddy is." Wright says she and the boy's father are going though a divorce.

    The boy, found outside his house in Chattanooga on Tuesday, was taken to a hospital and treated for alcohol consumption.

    Hamilton County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Janice Atkinson says the incident is being investigated but the department declined to release the report.

    The boy's mother says she met with child protective services and was told she will get to keep custody of her son.

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    Are you freaking serious:eek: Its called neglect and she herself was probably also too drunk or high to realize that he was gone.
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    Let your 4 year old boy run around in a girls dress, drinking beer and you get your kid back.... Spank him and he gets taken from your home and given to people who let their kids run around in girls dresses, drinking beer.
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    +1, to the tenth power.
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    1 to the 10th power is still 1. :D
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    Actually she didnt know he was gone and was looking for him when he was found, sometime regardless of what you do your kids can make bad decisions themselves, I doubt they would have let her retain custody if she knew or was negligent.


    This actually concerns me more

    The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office report says Hayden rang the doorbell a few houses down and the neighbor answered, finding the child holding a partially consumeed 12-ounce beer.

    Who doesnt help a kid out when that happens?
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  7. I am sure his home life is the ideal atmosphere,with his dad in jail and his mom doing no telling what.
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    Ah yes...the CPS...or Division of family services...or sometimes also known as The Department of Human Sacrafices.... yes.... they are the ones who are gracious enough to let parents keep their children..... Bow to the great and mighty DHS all you little "human recources..."

    I have just enough Native American blood in me to say......#*[$ THAT !!!!!

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    I walked into a typical little breakfast joint/gas station near where I used to work in the deep country a few years ago, only to find several gentlemen eating biscuits and conversing at about 7:30 AM... Well, one of the 'ol boys starts saying, "you don't give a baby beer in his bottle... you just don't do that...." I thought, "he's done this before...." It will stick with me forever. ;)
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    When I was a kid i was brazen. I was 7 and walked into the kitchen and told my mom i was gona have a beer. She just looked at me. I went to the refrigerator got a can of Schlitz, sat at the kitchen table while my mom was cooking dinner and drank half of it. I went to my room and fell asleep. I don't remember if I got my a$$ whipped. I know it was a few years before i did it again. Now I know i was only trying to be like my dad.

    Maybe this kid was just trying to be like his dad. His dad may wear ladies clothes form time to time and enjoys a beer. Who knows?

    When I was 9 I was shooting birds in my neighbors yards with my bb gun. Yea my mother had a time with me.

    I turned out OK. hehehehehe

    never put on no dress though. that never entered my mind.
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    1X10^10, then.
  12. JohnBrainard

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    Now that's a big number! 10 billion to be precise... But, compared to the ridiculous amount of spending going on in government, it's relatively small.
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    Bottom Line: This is an outstanding case of negligent - nay, complete lack of - 'parenting' !! Parents, by virtue of their gift, have a societal responsibility to instruct and train their offspring to become viable members of society. Its called 'socialization', and its practiced by all pack, herd, and group species. Some do it better than others. Low population pack predators like wolves, coyotes, lions, dolphins and whales do it very successfully. Its just the 'human animal' that seems to have problems.... >MW
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    Damn that was good!!!! I had a tear coming out my right eye. Good one dude. :D:D:D