400 lb buck

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by cycloneman, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Zane71464

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    You got that right, well said!
  2. Michael G

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    Dec 4, 2007
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    I don't think I would eat the meat if it was genetically grown. You don't know what your teeth are sinking into. Yuk.

  3. Somehow I doubt the meat will be eaten................................!!

  4. I'd be more proud of the public land 8pt with a 13 inch spread I killed a few years back then I would be of that buck. Some ranches in Texas are high fence but they contain 10000 acres. That would be ok I guess but it still wouldn't be as much of an accomplishment in my mind as a deer killed on my little farm or public land.
  5. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    I had a guy that worked (when we both were in the working world) for me that used to take hunting trips to Saskatchewan. He was one that wouldn't shoot a small (for up there) animal and would come home empty handed if he didn't get a shot a a large animal. He got one deer that weighed 310 and in the photo the thing looked like a steer on the ground with him holding the 10 point antlers. Maine has some big deer but not that big.
  6. focusmaniaczx3

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    Nov 16, 2009
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    all i can say is good luck getting that one down from the mountains jack! that just takes all the fun out of it basically having a deer lead out to you so you can shoot it. its just unsporting. biggest deer i have ever seen in person was about the same as the one that bobitis posted. it might have been 200-250lbs. i wouldnt eat a bit of that 400lb mammoth. what a waste because i doubt he did either
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  8. focusmaniaczx3

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    hhhhhmmmmm seems like we have a problem lol
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